Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2024)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2024)

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Coming in 2024:
New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year. We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2024)
  • January, 2024 Bible Discovery Guide: Genesis - Leviticus

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    Make the most of your devotional time with our Guide to the Bible in a year. Each Guide provides valuable context and theological insight to help strengthen your faith and dig deeper into the richness of God's Word every day.

  • The Beginning; Genesis 1-2

    Episode 1

    "Mankind has always been curious about his origin. Was he the result of aliens? Was he created by an accident of nature? Or was there a God who placed him on this planet? And why? Why are we here? Why are things the way that they are? The Bible begins to answer these questions right away. In its ...

  • The Origin of Sin; Genesis 3-5

    Episode 2

    "Our topic today isn’t a popular one. Most of us are uncomfortable with it, so we ignore it or justify it. It is sin. The word sin in Hebrew is used 299 times in 270 verses in the Scriptures (KJV). It means “offence” and is identified as the thing that brings division between God’s holiness and e...

  • The Global Flood; Genesis 6-9

    Episode 3

    "Noah’s flood represents a serious change in history that would have effected the physical world in a significant way. Even today, if Noah’s flood was real and global, that would change the way that we interpret the geological structures of the world. We all know how much violent storms impact th...

  • Languages; Genesis 10-13

    Episode 4

    "Languages are such an interesting area of research. In the world today, there are about 7000 languages. Even with the development of new languages and the departure of older ones, the number has still continued to grow through time. One of the oldest languages to remain is Hebrew, the language o...

  • Israel; Genesis 14-17

    Episode 5

    "With the introduction of Abram, we see a shift in the story of the Bible. We’ve gone from the history of mankind to the history of God’s people, God’s plan of redemption for mankind is beginning to take shape. Abram, from Ur, is called away from his homeland and his father’s house, to travel to ...

  • Covenants/Berith; Genesis 23-25

    Episode 6

    "In Hebrew, the word covenant is berith, a promise and agreement made between two or more persons, which entails an alliance and commandment to follow. These agreements are often made with God as their witness and source of accountability. For example, Abraham wanted Isaac to marry a woman from h...

  • The Mother's Curse; Genesis 26-28

    Episode 7

    "Jacob and Esau, although twin brothers, were very different from one another. While in their mother’s womb, Rebekah asked God why she felt such struggle in her womb, and God answered her: “Two nations are in your womb, two peoples shall be separated from your body; One people shall be stronger t...

  • The Sons of Israel; Genesis 29-31

    Episode 8

    "It is both popular and unpopular to support Israel in the world today. But what is interesting is the spiritual realities surrounding the nation of Israel. This nation was named by God Himself. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel because he struggled with God and with men, and prevailed (GENESIS ...

  • Peace Between Brothers; Genesis 32-24

    Episode 10

    "Times of war and conflict are very familiar to us now. It is true that there are times of peace that can be enjoyed by generations of people, but so quickly war can raise its ugly head. In the West we have largely managed to mitigate the effects of war on our societies. Not all of our sons and d...

  • Dreams; Genesis 35-37

    Episode 10

    "Through the Bible, we see that dreams can also be given by God as a way of communication, exemplified in the story of Joseph. This young son of Jacob revealed to his older brothers that God had given him dreams of his future success over them. Revealing this was ill-advised and unwise, adding fu...

  • The Revealing; Genesis 44-47

    Episode 11

    "When Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery, they clearly thought that he was as good as dead. So did Joseph, I’m sure! But God was using all of this to shape Joseph. The LORD took him down a path of patience, endurance, revering God and following God’s instructions. This was the true context o...

  • Bury Jacob; Genesis 48-50

    Episode 9

    "Joseph was a leader in the kingdom of Egypt. Among other things, this means that he was in control of the future of his father’s household. Before Jacob, the father of Joseph, had died, Joseph had taken an oath to bury Jacob in the land of Canaan. The Scripture says that when the seventy days of...

  • The New King; Exodus 1-3

    Episode 13

    "In the times we call ancient history, Israel had grown into a nation from a small family. It is interesting to track this growth because there seems to be a recurring plan by those against God to destroy Israel. Israel began as a family with a little more than 70 people, and during several gener...

  • From Bad to Worse; Exodus 4-7

    Episode 14

    "Moses had been raised in the house of Pharaoh, he was trained in the ways of Egypt, but he knew that he was a Hebrew by birth. One day he stepped over the line and killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew. Fearing Pharaoh’s reaction to the incident, Moses ran away from his life and inheritanc...

  • The Beginning of Change; Exodus 8-10

    Episode 15

    "The eighth time that Moses confronts Pharaoh with God’s message to let His people go, we begin to see a change in Pharaoh’s hardness of heart because of the power of God. Pharaoh’s magicians cannot duplicate the miracles of God anymore. They insist that Pharaoh listen to Moses and let the people...

  • Ten Commandments; Exodus 18-21

    Episode 16

    "There are two places in the Bible where the Ten Commandments can be found: Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. The commandments have three applications: 1) a direct moral application, 2) a ceremonial application, 3) a spiritual application. We should listen and consider the Ten Commandments very carefu...

  • Offerings; Exodus 22-25

    Episode 17

    "There are many who refuse to give offerings because they claim we are no longer under the laws of the Old Testament but under the law of Christ in the New Covenant. However, we need to remember what the old covenant was. God’s law established the heart and priorities of giving, that is the reaso...

  • Anointing the Priesthood; Exodus 26-29

    Episode 18

    "The LORD consecrated Aaron and his sons, for generations to come, to be His priests on behalf of the people of Israel, setting them apart for a divine purpose. Aaron’s posterity and tribe was named after Levi, one of the twelve sons of Jacob. God instructed Moses to set them apart before the con...

  • The People Fail; Exodus 30-32

    Episode 19

    "What does it mean to fail God? Some would say there’s no fault in failing because failure is inevitable for all human beings. To some extent that is true, but that is incomplete thought. God already instructed His people in the Ten Commandments not to make idols but to worship Him alone. As we r...

  • God's Mercy; Exodus 33-36

    Episode 19

    "The book of Exodus does more than establish the origin story of the nation of Israel. It reveals to us more of God’s character and more of God’s plan of redemption, or salvation, for the world. As God deals with Israel and Moses, we get to see God’s great mercy and God’s great holiness. All thro...

  • The Burnt Offering; Leviticus 5-8

    Episode 21

    "The law of the burnt offering was unique and interesting. We learn from it that sin against another person, a neighbour, was to be considered a sin against the LORD. This is critical for us to learn. God expects us to live righteously and decently toward others. We are not to take advantage of p...

  • Clean and Unclean; Leviticus 9-11

    Episode 22

    "There were certain foods that God deemed clean and unclean, food the Israelites could eat or not eat. God, through Jesus Christ, changed this law with the advent of the new covenant because Christ fulfilled the law. We are no longer bound to the dietary restrictions of the old covenant (ACTS 1 0...

  • The Leper is Cleansed; Leviticus 12-14

    Episode 23

    "In the Old Testament, leprosy is often associated or compared to sin. In the Levitical laws, the ritual for those that have been healed from leprosy are to be cleansed and pronounced pure by the priest. As we look at these procedures, let’s remember that Jesus Christ has cleansed us from all the...