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    We focus particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis,...

  • Contending For Society? Feb 13th webinar live.

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    What does the Bible have to say about morality for today? When does life begin? What about climate change, homosexuality, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and racism? How do we share the gospel in a post-Christian culture? These huge social questions abound in today’s culture. Be ready to get answer...

  • Answers for Women Conference - March 18-20, 2021

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    "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."
    Isaiah 40:8

    We invite you to join us live from the comfort of your own home or with your church family for our 2021 Answers for Women conference, “Truth: Uncovering the Lies We Believe.”

    Satan is crafty. He mix...

  • Debunking Evolution: What Everyone Should Know

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    Join study partners, John and Jane as they explore the challenges to the evolutionary theory and why the Bible makes the most sense of the scientific evidence. An essential video for Christian students attending Junior High to College. Most public schools teach evolution theory as fact, taking a ...

  • The Moses Controversy Digital

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    DIRECTOR'S CHOICE DIGITAL with Bonus videos.

    Did Moses write the first books of the Bible? Many mainstream scholars say NO! But the Bible states YES! Award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney (Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus) is back again, bringing new evidence to light in the latest documentary...

  • Young Explorers Season 1 Digital - Box Set

    16 videos  |   Buy $14.99

    A group of ten young people join filmmaker Timothy Mahoney, Director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, on an adventure to investigate amazing evidence that matches the Bible. But there is more to the investigation than Tim lets on. He has a secret device, the Exploration Chamber. This holograp...

  • The Red Sea Miracle 1 Digital

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    Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle , is the first in a two-part film series by Patterns of Evidence’s award-winning filmmaker, Timothy Mahoney. In this investigation he examines the journey to the crossing location, looking at two competing views of the Red Sea Miracle. One he calls the “E...

  • Dismantled: Scientific Deconstruction of Evolution

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    Education systems and the media have repeatedly told us that humans and all living creatures evolved from a single-celled organism through random copying errors in the DNA (called mutations) and the reproductive filter of natural selection. This allegedly occurred over billions of years through u...

  • Genesis Impact - There Is Another View

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    Secular museum docent (Reggie McGuire) presents his best case for evolution at the natural history museum, but little does he know that Christina (Hannah Bradley) has a few questions at the end of his talk that turn the tables… Christina’s questions dismantle evolution and her meek yet powerful p...

  • The Exodus Digital

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    A debate rages over the credibility of the Bible. Most archaeologists today have concluded that there’s no evidence that the Exodus of Israelite slaves from Egypt ever happened. Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney faces a crisis of faith, “Is this foundational event of the Bible really just a myth?” He emb...

  • Debunking 7 Myths that Deny Genesis Historicity

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    Secular colleges—and even many Christian colleges—teach that the Bible is not real history, especially Genesis 1–11. Today’s students want to know: When does the truth start in the Bible? On the first page? How many pages need to be flipped until truth begins? These 7 videos review the evidence t...

  • The Red Sea Miracle 2 Digital

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    THE RED SEA MIRACLE 2 continues to raise big questions about biblical miracles. Introducing the second film in a new two-part series by Patterns of Evidence’s award-winning filmmaker, Timothy Mahoney. How could thousands of feet of water be parted at the Red Sea? Or was the sea merely parted by t...

  • Memory Music & Building Blocks - Bible Curriculum

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    Get all ten memory verse music videos for the first year of Answers Bible Curriculum Homeschool and Sunday School to help your kids hide God’s Word in their hearts.

    Do not buy if you’re a subscriber to Answers TV, as these videos, and more are already included in your subscription! If you are a ...