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  • The Burnt Offering; Leviticus 5-8

    "The law of the burnt offering was unique and interesting. We learn from it that sin against another person, a neighbour, was to be considered a sin against the LORD. This is critical for us to learn. God expects us to live righteously and decently toward others. We are not to take advantage of p...

  • Clean and Unclean; Leviticus 9-11

    "There were certain foods that God deemed clean and unclean, food the Israelites could eat or not eat. God, through Jesus Christ, changed this law with the advent of the new covenant because Christ fulfilled the law. We are no longer bound to the dietary restrictions of the old covenant (ACTS 1 0...

  • The Leper is Cleansed; Leviticus 12-14

    "In the Old Testament, leprosy is often associated or compared to sin. In the Levitical laws, the ritual for those that have been healed from leprosy are to be cleansed and pronounced pure by the priest. As we look at these procedures, let’s remember that Jesus Christ has cleansed us from all the...