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  • GENESIS: Paradise Lost

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    With cutting-edge cinematograph, "GENESIS: Paradise Lost" brings the creation of the universe to life! Using stunning visual effects, epic orchestration, and the latest scientific and historical research, this film explores the context of the highly studied and hotly-debated book of Genesis. Vivi...

  • Noah’s Ark & The Global Flood (Webinar)

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    Saturday 22nd May 2021, 12pm-8pm (BST)

    If there really was a worldwide flood, what would the evidence be? How could Noah fit the animals on the ark? Why weren’t more than 8 people saved? This special conference will tackle many common misconceptions by looking at the Bible to make sure we know t...

  • The Wild Brothers: Islands of the Four Kings

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    As students of God’s Word, creation, and local cultures, the Wild Brothers are always looking for the next adventure. As a new season of life finds them in Raja Ampat –– the alluring Islands of the Four Kings –– the brothers face a mystery more challenging than anything they have encountered befo...

  • The Red Sea Miracle 2 Digital

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    THE RED SEA MIRACLE 2 continues to raise big questions about biblical miracles. Introducing the second film in a new two-part series by Patterns of Evidence’s award-winning filmmaker, Timothy Mahoney. How could thousands of feet of water be parted at the Red Sea? Or was the sea merely parted by t...