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Creation Basics

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Creation Basics is designed to make God’s creation part of your everyday conversation. By providing a brief, daily dose of relevant, apologetic content tackling a specific issue, we trust the Lord will lead many to it so as to equip his people and challenge the non-believer to trust the Word of God.

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Creation Basics
  • Do bird brains reveal our origins?

    Episode 22

    Evolutionists have tried to attribute the mental acuity of some bird species as evidence of a naturalistic origin for the human brain. Does this bird-brained idea make sense of the facts?

  • What about those embryo drawings?

    Episode 21

    This episode of Creation Basics shows the history of the famous embryo drawings used in textbooks for over 100 years as proof of evolution- all based on false forgeries!

  • Is Tiktaalik one of the best proofs of evolution?

    Episode 20

     The discovery of Tiktaalik (a supposed transitional fish-to-tetrapod) was declared by many as ‘proof positive’ that fish had evolved into amphibians millions of years ago by the evolutionary community. Subsequent findings show just how fishy this story is…

  • Is Archaeopteryx a missing link between dinosaurs and birds?

    Episode 19

    The fossils of Archaeopteryx- what was said to be the earliest example of birds evolving, and a transitional form between dinosaur and bird- have been popularized for years in textbooks, TV shows and T-shirts as proof of evolution. But how is that holding up under scrutiny today?

  • Have scientists created life in a test tube?

    Episode 18

    Many people have been given the impression that scientists have shown how life could have been created through completely naturalistic processes because of experiment that was conducted and shown in textbooks years ago. But did the Miller/Urey experiment actually show that, and do evolutionary sc...

  • Do humans and chimps share 98% DNA similarity?

    Episode 17

    Do humans and chimps share 98% DNA similarity?
    Everyone has likely heard the claim that human and chimp DNA are only 1-2% different from each other, proving the supposed evolutionary relationship between humans and apes. It’s made frequently, but far from being factual—it’s simply not true.

  • Did whales evolve from land animals?

    Episode 16

    Evolutionists will often bring up the claim that fossil evidence (such as Pakicetus) has indisputably proven that whales evolved from land animals. However, examining the facts shows this to be completely unsubstantiated.

  • Evolution and Personal Responsibility

    Episode 15

    A concept that is becoming more apparent in culture is the idea that humans are really not responsible for their actions. Called chemical predestination, many evolution believers are abandoning the idea of free will and human responsibility.

  • How does Creation Relate to Culture?

    Episode 14

    Professor emeritus at Harvard University Daniel Bell once stated; “Culture … is the effort to provide a coherent set of answers to the existential predicaments that confront all human beings.” In seeking coherent answers about the meaning of life, the question of where we came from is of paramoun...

  • What about carbon dating coal, diamonds, and fossils?

    Episode 13

    The story of evolution and its required ‘millions of years’ timeframe is often propped up by dating methods that supposedly prove its validity. What about carbon dating coal, diamonds, and fossils? Has science really disproven the biblical timeline?

  • The significance of earth’s decaying magnetic field

     The story of evolution is founded on a ‘millions of years’ timescale, as it is vital to a naturalistic worldview VS a biblical one. So what’s the significance of earth’s rapidly decaying magnetic field in relation to biblical authority?

  • Have they really found soft tissue in dinosaur bones?

    Episode 11

     Some people still struggle to believe that un-fossilized soft tissue has been found in dinosaurs (and ‘dinosaur era’ creatures that supposedly lived millions of years ago according to the evolutionary story) lots of times now. Watch and briefly re-live the history of the debate.

  • Why is there very little sediment on the seafloor?

     Evolutionists demand a Billions of years interpretation of earth’s history, and declare the earth’s oceans are 3+ billion years old. But the amount of sediments in the earth’s ocean simply don’t add up according to their timeline.

  • Do bent rock layers help the story of evolution?

    Episode 9

     The story of evolutionary geology says rock layers were laid down over millions of years, but huge sections of such sediments are bent and warped. Do evolutionary explanations make sense of this?

  • A brief history of ‘Ape-men’ Part 3- What about Lucy?

    Episode 8

    Australopithecus afarensis, or ‘Lucy’, is still likely the most well-known modern example of supposed human evolution today. She was once much touted as our supposed human ancestor, and was uniquely named because the Beatles ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ was playing when she was brought togethe...

  • A brief history of ‘Ape-men’ Part 2- Piltdown Man and more

    Episode 7

    Fossils of Cro Magnon, Peking Man, Java Man, Ramapithecus, were once shouted from proverbial evolutionary rooftops in both popular news articles and serious science publications, only to later lose favor among the more progressive evolutionary community. Currently popular candidates such as Homo...

  • A brief history of ‘Ape-men’ Part 1- Neanderthals

    Episode 6

    From its inception, the scientific proofs offered in support of the story of human evolution have been riddled with holes, and modern research has shown that many others were driven by scientific ignorance and evolutionary interpretations, rather than solid evidence.

  • What does Atheism produce in society?

    Episode 5

    Why do most of us believe in universal morals, such as our knowledge that it is wrong to murder someone or to take what is not ours? If we abandon biblical authority and accept atheism, then what objective standard can parents, police, military, the government, or any other ruling body base its ...

  • What is most sophisticated electric machine ever created?

    Episode 4

    What is the most sophisticated electric machine ever created? We are! And while we might marvel at God’s ingenuity and unimaginable skill, He’s much more than a machinist. He gives us life and vision and emotion and thought, all working together to glorify Him.

  • Are Humans Animals?

    Episode 3

    Evolutionists say man is supposed to have descended directly from the animal kingdom and the differences between man and beast are differences in degree only. However, God’s word reminds us only man received the breath of God, was given a spirit, and so transcends the world of the animals.

  • Did Ancient Crocodiles Eat Plants?

    Episode 2

    Even within a sin cursed world we can still catch glimpses of the beauty of the original creation within it. Did Ancient Crocodiles eat plants? What about today’s crocodilians? The history in Genesis is the key to understanding these questions.

  • Did Giraffe’s Evolve or Demonstrate Design?

    Episode 1

    Did Giraffe’s evolve or demonstrate design? What is the best explanation for these long-necked creations?