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Is Tiktaalik one of the best proofs of evolution?

Season 4, Episode 20

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  • Is Archaeopteryx a missing link betwe...

    The fossils of Archaeopteryx- what was said to be the earliest example of birds evolving, and a transitional form between dinosaur and bird- have been popularized for years in textbooks, TV shows and T-shirts as proof of evolution. But how is that holding up under scrutiny today?

  • Have scientists created life in a tes...

    Many people have been given the impression that scientists have shown how life could have been created through completely naturalistic processes because of experiment that was conducted and shown in textbooks years ago. But did the Miller/Urey experiment actually show that, and do evolutionary sc...

  • Do humans and chimps share 98% DNA si...

    Do humans and chimps share 98% DNA similarity?
    Everyone has likely heard the claim that human and chimp DNA are only 1-2% different from each other, proving the supposed evolutionary relationship between humans and apes. It’s made frequently, but far from being factual—it’s simply not true.

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