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What about carbon dating coal, diamonds, and fossils?

Season 4, Episode 13

Up Next in Season 4

  • The significance of earth’s decaying ...

     The story of evolution is founded on a ‘millions of years’ timescale, as it is vital to a naturalistic worldview VS a biblical one. So what’s the significance of earth’s rapidly decaying magnetic field in relation to biblical authority?

  • Have they really found soft tissue in...

     Some people still struggle to believe that un-fossilized soft tissue has been found in dinosaurs (and ‘dinosaur era’ creatures that supposedly lived millions of years ago according to the evolutionary story) lots of times now. Watch and briefly re-live the history of the debate.

  • Why is there very little sediment on ...

     Evolutionists demand a Billions of years interpretation of earth’s history, and declare the earth’s oceans are 3+ billion years old. But the amount of sediments in the earth’s ocean simply don’t add up according to their timeline.