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What does Atheism produce in society?

Season 4, Episode 5

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  • What is most sophisticated electric m...

    What is the most sophisticated electric machine ever created? We are! And while we might marvel at God’s ingenuity and unimaginable skill, He’s much more than a machinist. He gives us life and vision and emotion and thought, all working together to glorify Him.

  • Are Humans Animals?

    Evolutionists say man is supposed to have descended directly from the animal kingdom and the differences between man and beast are differences in degree only. However, God’s word reminds us only man received the breath of God, was given a spirit, and so transcends the world of the animals.

  • Did Ancient Crocodiles Eat Plants?

    Even within a sin cursed world we can still catch glimpses of the beauty of the original creation within it. Did Ancient Crocodiles eat plants? What about today’s crocodilians? The history in Genesis is the key to understanding these questions.