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A brief history of ‘Ape-men’ Part 3- What about Lucy?

Season 4, Episode 8

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  • A brief history of ‘Ape-men’ Part 2- ...

    Fossils of Cro Magnon, Peking Man, Java Man, Ramapithecus, were once shouted from proverbial evolutionary rooftops in both popular news articles and serious science publications, only to later lose favor among the more progressive evolutionary community. Currently popular candidates such as Homo...

  • A brief history of ‘Ape-men’ Part 1- ...

    From its inception, the scientific proofs offered in support of the story of human evolution have been riddled with holes, and modern research has shown that many others were driven by scientific ignorance and evolutionary interpretations, rather than solid evidence.

  • What does Atheism produce in society?

    Why do most of us believe in universal morals, such as our knowledge that it is wrong to murder someone or to take what is not ours? If we abandon biblical authority and accept atheism, then what objective standard can parents, police, military, the government, or any other ruling body base its ...

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