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Do humans and chimps share 98% DNA similarity?

Season 4, Episode 17

Up Next in Season 4

  • Did whales evolve from land animals?

    Evolutionists will often bring up the claim that fossil evidence (such as Pakicetus) has indisputably proven that whales evolved from land animals. However, examining the facts shows this to be completely unsubstantiated.

  • Evolution and Personal Responsibility

    A concept that is becoming more apparent in culture is the idea that humans are really not responsible for their actions. Called chemical predestination, many evolution believers are abandoning the idea of free will and human responsibility.

  • How does Creation Relate to Culture?

    Professor emeritus at Harvard University Daniel Bell once stated; “Culture … is the effort to provide a coherent set of answers to the existential predicaments that confront all human beings.” In seeking coherent answers about the meaning of life, the question of where we came from is of paramoun...

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