Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2023)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2023)

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New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2023)
  • August 2023 Bible Discovery Guide: Jeremiah - Hosea

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  • Listen to the LORD; Jeremiah 35-37

    Episode 1

    "People may tell us that they have a word from God for us, but how would we know that it was from Him in that situation? This is when knowing your Bible becomes critical. The Bible gives us example after example of who God is. Without knowing God through the medium He has given us, the Bible, how...

  • Hard Times for Jeremiah; Jeremiah 38-40

    Episode 2

    "It is hard for those of us in the modern West to put ourselves in the place of Jeremiah. We may be ridiculed for our messages and beliefs, but generally, we’re not thrown into prison. Jeremiah lived in a different day and age, his message from God was very harsh, it was too real to the people wh...

  • There is No Peace; Jeremiah 41-44

    Episode 3

    "Peace is a strange and infrequent virtue in this world where sin runs deep and unchecked in the human heart. The reason we have no peace is sin. We often explain sin away by calling it natural and emphasizing reasons for our behavior. We get used to living in our sinful state and even under the ...

  • A Message to Baruch; Jeremiah 45-48

    Episode 4

    "Baruch came from a notable family and his name means “blessed”. He was the son of Neriah and grandson of Mahseiah, the governor of Jerusalem during the reign of King Josiah (2 CHRON. 34:8, MAASEIAH), and the prophet Jeremiah’s accomplished scribe. Today, archaeologists have uncovered Baruch’s na...

  • Hope in Times of Pain; Lamentations 1-3

    Episode 5

    "The book of Lamentations showcases hard questions that can surface during times of pain. Written by Jeremiah, these words act as a funeral for the once proud city of Jerusalem that had been overthrown and reduced to ruins by Babylon. While this is a book about pain it is also a book about hope i...

  • Worse Than Death; Lamentations 4-5

    Episode 6

    "I’m sure you have heard stories about prisoners of war who took their own lives so that they were not at the mercy of their enemy’s wicked desires. Human dignity is often sacrificed at the altar of pride and power. Lamentations 4 highlights the truth about how Jerusalem and the ancient kingdom o...

  • Spiritual Technology; Ezekiel 1-4

    Episode 7

    "The Bible truly is a masterpiece. Not only does it communicate ideas of God to us in language that is understandable and beautifully layered, but it also gives us glimpses into the spiritual world. The book of Ezekiel speaks of many things that are difficult to understand because they are spirit...

  • Strange Things; Ezekiel 5-7

    Episode 8

    "The prophet Ezekiel did some very strange things from our modern perspective. The people of Judah were already in the bondage of exile under the brutality of the Babylonians when God told Ezekiel to shave off his beard and cut all the hair off his head. This would be highly unusual for a pastor ...

  • On the Walls; Ezekiel 8-11

    Episode 9

    "All sin is rebellion against the LORD of hosts, the God above all, the Creator of existence. Sin separates us from God: unrepentant sin secretly and slowly deceives us into believing we can do things without God knowing, without it affecting others. Sin takes and does the opposite of what God ha...

  • Innocent or Guilty; Ezekiel 18-20

    Episode 10

    "Most believe that the law of the land is the only law we must obey in order to be innocent. But
    as Christians, we are concerned with obeying the law of Christ and His love through faith.
    The law of Christ is different than the civil laws and Mosaic Law. You are not innocent before
    proven guilty....

  • The End; Ezekiel 21-22

    Episode 11

    "There are at least another 1,000 more years after the tribulation when Christ will reign over the earth from Jerusalem. But the return of the LORD is coming quickly: when He removes those who love Him from the Earth, or Babylon, before the LORD begins His judgments. That is what I believe. The s...

  • Two Harlots; Ezekiel 23-24

    Episode 12

    "God often uses analogies and parallels to help us better understand the gravity of sin, and this is what God does in the book of Ezekiel. The word of the LORD came to Ezekiel with a parable about two sisters who played the harlot: Oholah the elder, and Oholibah her younger sister. Oholah represe...

  • Ammonite & Moabites; Ezekiel 25-27

    Episode 13

    "In Ezekiel 25, God judges many nations, two of which are the Ammonites and the Moabites, descendants of Abraham’s nephew, Lot. Judah was actively doing what God had told them not to do and, as a result, they fell. When Judah fell, it was the LORD who took their defenses away. But the Ammonites a...

  • When God Speaks; Ezekiel 28-30

    Episode 14

    "When God speaks, everyone listens. Ezekiel tells the story of a king in the city of Tyre who thought he was a god. Like the people of Tyre, he was guilty of pride. In fact, the LORD speaks to the spirit behind that man by confronting satan directly, and says, ""You were in Eden, the garden of Go...

  • The Vision; Ezekiel 37-39

    Episode 15

    "In the shadow of ancient Babylon, by the River Chebar, Ezekiel was given a remarkable vision of the land and people of Israel. This vision clearly involves the future. In my view of eschatology this vision has begun. I believe that we are in the midst of that vision right now. Israel has been re...

  • The New City; Ezekiel 40-42

    Episode 16

    "The book of Revelation says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (REVELATION 1 9 : 1 0 ) . Prophecy is a word from the LORD, and the Word of God is truth. That means prophecy is not something that may happen, it is something that will happen. Prophecy is only mysterious because ...

  • True Worship; Ezekiel 43-45

    Episode 17

    "When we worship God, are we truly worshipping the LORD or are we really worshipping ourselves in His name? This is an interesting question that each of us should seriously answer (2 CORINTHIANS 13:5, 2 PETER 1:10-11). When Jesus instructed His disciples how to pray, He said
    pray in this way, ""O...

  • Holy Procedures; Ezekiel 46-48

    Episode 18

    "The final eight chapters of Ezekiel focus on the procedures and rituals and manner of worship in the holy Temple of God that help us understand the holiness of God. Holiness is not exclusive to religion, it is exclusive to God. God is the only one who is holy and tells us that we need to deeply ...

  • A Brave Move; Daniel 1-2

    Episode 19

    "Daniel was a bright, young man whom God had anointed to lead. His name means “God Judges” or “God’s Judge”. However, Daniel was not set apart to lead his own people out of exile but was anointed by God to lead his people within the Babylonian Empire in a unique way. It
    dominated the world! When ...

  • Time Has a Limit; Daniel 7-9


    "Daniel writes about his vision of future events around 535 BC; a vision that unsettled him greatly. Daniel was a man who was dedicated to following God in a time of great rebellion. But it was in this time that our LORD spoke to him about what would happen and when it would take place in the fut...

  • God Reveals to Us; Daniel10-12


    "The mystery of God's message is not in the meaning but in the difference between holy and unholy. When God comes to us, it is not always to heal us but rather to reveal to us. When we are self-absorbed, we tend to only seek God in times of distress. But Daniel was not like that, he sought the LO...

  • Judgment / Salvation; Hosea 1-4

    Episode 22

    "Very little is known about the man Hosea. However, we do know that he was called by God in the time of the great prophet Isaiah. The list of the kings of Judah mentioned in the opening verse of the book of Hosea tells us that his ministry covered at least 40 years. It ended sometime during the r...

  • Change the Landmark; Hosea 5-7

    Episode 23

    "During the time of Moses, laws were given to the people of Israel. The laws of God were written down several times, in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. The book of Deuteronomy was written after Moses had spent 40 years with the people of Israel wandering in the desert. One of God’s commands ...