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  • Hard Times for Jeremiah; Jeremiah 38-40

    "It is hard for those of us in the modern West to put ourselves in the place of Jeremiah. We may be ridiculed for our messages and beliefs, but generally, we’re not thrown into prison. Jeremiah lived in a different day and age, his message from God was very harsh, it was too real to the people wh...

  • There is No Peace; Jeremiah 41-44

    "Peace is a strange and infrequent virtue in this world where sin runs deep and unchecked in the human heart. The reason we have no peace is sin. We often explain sin away by calling it natural and emphasizing reasons for our behavior. We get used to living in our sinful state and even under the ...

  • A Message to Baruch; Jeremiah 45-48

    "Baruch came from a notable family and his name means “blessed”. He was the son of Neriah and grandson of Mahseiah, the governor of Jerusalem during the reign of King Josiah (2 CHRON. 34:8, MAASEIAH), and the prophet Jeremiah’s accomplished scribe. Today, archaeologists have uncovered Baruch’s na...