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Up Next in August 2023

  • Time Has a Limit; Daniel 7-9

    "Daniel writes about his vision of future events around 535 BC; a vision that unsettled him greatly. Daniel was a man who was dedicated to following God in a time of great rebellion. But it was in this time that our LORD spoke to him about what would happen and when it would take place in the fut...

  • God Reveals to Us; Daniel10-12

    "The mystery of God's message is not in the meaning but in the difference between holy and unholy. When God comes to us, it is not always to heal us but rather to reveal to us. When we are self-absorbed, we tend to only seek God in times of distress. But Daniel was not like that, he sought the LO...

  • Judgment / Salvation; Hosea 1-4

    "Very little is known about the man Hosea. However, we do know that he was called by God in the time of the great prophet Isaiah. The list of the kings of Judah mentioned in the opening verse of the book of Hosea tells us that his ministry covered at least 40 years. It ended sometime during the r...