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Up Next in August 2023

  • When God Speaks; Ezekiel 28-30

    "When God speaks, everyone listens. Ezekiel tells the story of a king in the city of Tyre who thought he was a god. Like the people of Tyre, he was guilty of pride. In fact, the LORD speaks to the spirit behind that man by confronting satan directly, and says, ""You were in Eden, the garden of Go...

  • The Vision; Ezekiel 37-39

    "In the shadow of ancient Babylon, by the River Chebar, Ezekiel was given a remarkable vision of the land and people of Israel. This vision clearly involves the future. In my view of eschatology this vision has begun. I believe that we are in the midst of that vision right now. Israel has been re...

  • The New City; Ezekiel 40-42

    "The book of Revelation says that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (REVELATION 1 9 : 1 0 ) . Prophecy is a word from the LORD, and the Word of God is truth. That means prophecy is not something that may happen, it is something that will happen. Prophecy is only mysterious because ...