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  • Hope in Times of Pain; Lamentations 1-3

    "The book of Lamentations showcases hard questions that can surface during times of pain. Written by Jeremiah, these words act as a funeral for the once proud city of Jerusalem that had been overthrown and reduced to ruins by Babylon. While this is a book about pain it is also a book about hope i...

  • Worse Than Death; Lamentations 4-5

    "I’m sure you have heard stories about prisoners of war who took their own lives so that they were not at the mercy of their enemy’s wicked desires. Human dignity is often sacrificed at the altar of pride and power. Lamentations 4 highlights the truth about how Jerusalem and the ancient kingdom o...

  • Spiritual Technology; Ezekiel 1-4

    "The Bible truly is a masterpiece. Not only does it communicate ideas of God to us in language that is understandable and beautifully layered, but it also gives us glimpses into the spiritual world. The book of Ezekiel speaks of many things that are difficult to understand because they are spirit...