Living Waters - 2021

Living Waters - 2021

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2021

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2021
  • Why Doesn't Ray Comfort Answer All Questions During Evangelism?

    Episode 1

    Many people wonder why Ray Comfort doesn't take the time to answer each question he receives during evangelism, even if they're really solid questions about the Bible. Is he not equipped to answer them? Is he afraid to? Or is there another reason entirely that's based on the Scriptures as to why ...

  • She said, “God is a Male Chauvinist Pig.”

    Episode 2

    Ray Comfort talks with two ladies, both with interesting thoughts about the afterlife and religion. One of them believes that if God did exist, he's a male chauvinist pig, since men appear to always be doing better in life than women.

  • Some People Do NOT Like the Bible...

    Episode 3

    In this evangelism clip, Ray Comfort talks with a man who is not very fond of the Bible. He has many ideas about God and religion, but none of them favor Christianity. Watch how Ray deals with this difficult yet compelling conversation by making sure he still gets to what matters most: the gospel.

  • What Made Him Want to Get Right With God Immediately

    Episode 4

    Ray Comfort talks with two people, a new Christian and a non-Christian. The Christian believes that the reason people need Jesus is so that they can be whole and go to Heaven, while the non-Christian is humble and very attentive to the gospel. But what made him want to repent and trust in Christ ...