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Can You Name All of the Ten Commandments for $100?

Season 4, Episode 4

Up Next in 2021: October - December

  • Why was Joel Osteen cussed out at a r...

    Joel Osteen was horribly insulted at a restaurant recently. Why would someone do that?

    Ray also shares the gospel with some street evangelism.

  • Is This New United Nations Statue Ful...

    The United Nations recently erected a statue of a jaguar/eagle-looking beast as a sign of international peace and security. But is it actually a fulfillment of biblical prophecies given in the book of Daniel and Revelation? Ray Comfort discusses this topic and then shares the gospel with a man wh...

  • The 3 Worst Arguments Against Christi...

    Ray Comfort has heard a lot of arguments against Christianity in his 50+ years of evangelism; here's some of the worst he's ever heard, and why they're wrong. He then shows evangelism clips where these very same anti-Christian arguments are used, as well as what he says in response.