Answers with Bryan Osborne

Answers with Bryan Osborne

Learn about the truth of God's Word, biblical history, and the gospel with Bryan Osborne.

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Answers with Bryan Osborne
  • Walk the Ark Ramp: Devotional for Kids

    Learn from AiG speaker Bryan Osborne what it means to have faith in Jesus.

  • From the Spooky Ark Exhibit: Devotional for Kids

    Learn from AiG Speaker Bryan Osborne about how the disciples in hiding help us not be frightened by a virus.

  • Tracing the Gospel through History Beginning in Genesis

    Bryan Osborne, Answers in Genesis speaker, presents at the Answers Easter Event.

  • A Donkey, a Lamb, and Jesus: Devotional for Kids

    Learn about Jesus by AiG speaker Bryan Osborne at the Creation Museum petting zoo.

  • Quick Answers to Tough Questions on Science and the Bible

    Why does creation matter? Where did Cain get his wife? Doesn’t carbon dating disprove the Bible? Isn’t evolution a fact? Hear 15 quick answers to some of the most-asked questions about God, the Bible, and Creation.

    Your faith will be encouraged by overwhelming scientific confirmation of God’s ...

  • The Gospel Through His-story

    In The Gospel Through His-story you'll see clearly that the Bible has one Author, one theme, one purpose and all of history is "His-story."

  • The Genesis of the Gospel

    This fun song motion video will teach you biblical truth.

  • The Age of the Earth: Thousands or Millions?

    Thousands or billions, does it really matter? Haven’t scientists proved the universe is billions of years old? So why not just squeeze billions of years into the Bible? God can do anything right, maybe He used billions of years. Besides, isn’t it just a side issue and unrelated the gospel message...

  • 7 C’s Creation Cube Training

    Bryan Osborne explains how to use the Creation Evangelism Cube to reveal the Bible’s 7 C’s of History.

    Available on our online store:

  • Quick Answers to Social Issues

    Quick Answers to Social Issues

    The collapse of the Christian worldview in America and the West is happening, to the utter shock of Christians. Why? We’ve been blind to the enemy’s stealth attack on biblical history and authority, which has led multiple generations to abandon God’s Word as their...