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Answers with Bryan Osborne

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  • Dinosaurs and the Bible with Bryan Os...

    Dragons and Dinosaurs! Few things ignite our imagination the way these mysterious creatures do! But what is the truth behind the legends? Were dragons real? When did dinosaurs actually roam the earth? Are they mentioned in the Bible? Second Corinthians 10:5 tells us to, “demolish arguments and ev...

  • The Evolving Ape-man: Dividing Fact f...

    How has the ape-man story changed over time? Is this idea driven by neutral evidence or the bias of people committed to Naturalism? Bryan takes on one of the sacred cows of atheism.

    Bryan Osborne’s bio:

  • Why Won’t They Listen: Revealing the ...

    The USA may be the most “Christianized” nation the earth has ever seen, but its slide into secularism is escalating with unprecedented velocity and momentum. Why?

    Our culture has shifted foundations: from God’s Word to man’s words.

    If we are going to reach today’s culture with the gospel, w...