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Join our hosts for a look at culture and science news through the lens of a biblical worldview. Answers News is designed to help Christians think Biblically about what they hear and see in popular culture, pointing people back to the authority of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

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  • 10/04 Did Crocodiles Eat Plants?

    Episode 1

    Danish man claims theft was art; Reaseachers pull wings off of flys and take photographs in effort to understand evolution; U.S. District judge rules against a Catholic school that taught some subjects were secular and others religious; Doctoral students examining replica teeth determine ancient ...

  • 10/06 Did 3D Scans Find Noah's Ark?

    Episode 2

    Boston owner sells skinny house; Scans put Turkish Durupinar formation back into the headlines; Western Washington University segregates students based on skin color; Evolutionists argue about meaning of human footprints fossilized in New Mexico; William Lane Craig endorses old mytho-history here...

  • 10/11 Man Becomes Sportswoman of the Year

    Episode 3

    Squirrel hid 175 pounds of nuts in Chevy Avalanche pickup while owner was away, Fox news host Ainsley Earhardt launches series ‘Beyond and Back’ to show ‘proof of Heaven’, researchers explore what drives animal infanticide, transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard named Sportswoman of the Year, Ca...

  • 10/13 Tardigrades Ruin Evolutionists’ Day

    Episode 4

    Legendary Florida man captures gator in his trash can, wins the internet in the process; How did apples get their shapes?; New study captures sugar transport fundamental to plants; Once-in-a-generation tardigrade fossil discovery reveals new species in 16-million-year-old amber; Biden fully rever...

  • 10/18 Big Tech Threatens “Climate Change Deniers”?

    Episode 5

    Ontario woman wakes up to meteorite on her pillow, YouTube & Google decide to stop monetization of so-called "climate change deniers," Superman now bisexual, ‘dinosaur shrimp’ emerge after Arizona monsoon, Lego to remove gender stereotypes from toys, the odds we are living in a computer simulatio...

  • 10/20 Why Do Atheists See Junk DNA?

    Episode 6

    Ontario bear struggles to swipe pumpkin; UK union allows teachers to self-identify as black; Canadian bureaucrats continue to use police power against Christian assemblies; Research forces atheists away from junk DNA claims . . . and other stories reviewed during this October 20, 2021, broadcast ...

  • 10/25 Who Says We Can Make a Universe?

    Episode 7

    Raven attacks coffee drone; Harvard astronomy chair continues to assert absurdities; Chinese researchers publish giant scorpion fossil Terropterus xiushanensis; Father details how LGBTQIA+ therapists harmed his son . . . and other stories reviewed during this October 25, 2021, broadcast of Answer...

  • 11/03 Do DNA Tangles Rescue Evolution?

    Episode 8

    Four-year-old boy falls 70 feet during hike in Kentucky; Twix promotes witches, cross-dressing . . . and murder?; Doritos promotes talking to the dead and homosexual behavior; Crab found trapped inside amber; Atheists hope DNA tangles will evolve new information. . . . and other stories reviewed ...

  • 11/08 Who Twists God's Word for Abortion?

    Episode 9

    World media cover big TikTok snake video; Feminist religious leaders re-translate one verse and ignore the rest of Scripture . . . and other stories reviewed during this November 8, 2021, broadcast of Answers News.

    - - - - - - - - - - -
    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound t...

  • 11/10 Will Sponges Alter Fake Time?

    Episode 10

    Trick-or-treat thief faceplants during getaway; Paleontologist's demosponges may alter 350 million years of imaginary time; Researchers find carbon inside rubies; Mandatory training at AT&T claims white people are racist; Biologists try to explain evolution of similar neurons in humans and owls; ...

  • 11/15 2,000 More Babies in Texas

    Episode 11

    California man finds grizzly bears inside his house eating his leftovers; Researchers think evolution made mice that can regenerate tissue; New NASA leader thinks a big universe includes ETs; September abortions drop by half in Texas after heartbeat law goes into effect; USA argues about roles of...

  • 11/17 Did That Baby Have a Tail?

    Episode 12

    Mojo sells toys with evolutionary misinformation; "Race Cars" helps 7-year-olds adopt Critical Race Theory; VP Harris asks if NASA satellite data on trees shows environmental justice; Evolutionists try again with homology; College students sue school over discrimination against guest speaker; Abo...

  • 11/22 Would Jesus Be Woke?

    Episode 13

    Record setting premie is doing well; NSW law recognises humnaity of unborn children; Biologists try to measure natural selection in chickadees; Politician tweets about Jesus (and male and female); Australian guide finds rare jawless eel; Media revisit discoveries from Antarctic ice cores . . . an...

  • 11/24 Who Died?

    Episode 14

    A California bear walks into a 7-Eleven; Boston pays city employees who stay home after abortions; Virginia professor helps activists destigmatize pedophilia; Evolutionary biologists try to explain design features in human birth canal; People study rockfish with hopes of extending human life span...

  • 11/29 Who Grants Authority to Parents?

    Episode 15

    Ranger and social network return lost teddy bear to 6-year-old; Disciples of Karl Marx work to abolish family; Media covers our plans to build a Tower of Babel replica; Researchers concede mammoths lived more recently than they thought but still blame humans and climate change for extinction; Pal...

  • 12/01 Is Natural Selection Evolution?

    Episode 16

    Alabama engineer builds world’s largest Nerf gun; Paleontologists misclassify a missing link . . . again; US politicians propose budget that is more hostile to religious people; MIT team tracks city people by their cell phones; FBI raids home of mom who protested school board; Indoctrinated PhD t...

  • 12/06 Why Do Bad Things Happen?

    Episode 17

    Humans elect bat as bird-of-the-year; Pollsters ask who people blame for bad things; Atheists try to answer big questions; California teacher leaks recordings of LGBTQIA+ recruitment training; Kraft Peanut Butter releases Transgender pronoun book for children . . . and other stories reviewed duri...

  • 12/08 Did Apes Give Man a Spine?

    Episode 18

    A bald eagle claims a shark being reeled in by a a fisherman; Research team claims their virtual fossils provide a missing link between apes and humans; Fewer Americans want children; Stay-at-home musician prefers evolution to Answers in Genesis . . . and other stories reviewed during this Decemb...

  • 12/13 Why Did T-rex Get Bone Disease?

    Episode 19

    Deer seeks refuge in a church; Fewer Americans believe Jesus' teaching about hell; Apple pleases Chinese government by removing Bible and Quran apps; Paleontologists capitalize on Denisovan bone fragments to tell another deep-time story; Researchers find disease when they use dual-energy computed...

  • 12/15 Is Abortion Better Than Adoption?

    Episode 20

    Sailor records white whale; Abortion advocate warns that adoption is harmful; Dawkins signs feminist declaration against transgender activists; Researchers program automated microscopes and artificial intelligence to categorize coccoliths; Paleontologists ponder puzzling footprints; Evolutionists...

  • 12/20 Where Are Italy's Babies?

    Episode 21

    Biker draws a portrait within a GPS app; Paleontologist publish papers about pterosaurs; Spanish tree-sap contains a variety of dead creatures; Male swimmer breaks female swimming records; Italian government pays people to have babies; Researchers try to verify published experiments . . . and oth...

  • 12/22 Is Rapid Adaptation Evolution?

    Episode 22

    Humans try to teach animals English; Canadian legislators unanimously outlaw conversion therapy; Tax-funded schools in California stop giving failing grades; Astronomer's computer model is the best evidence for their theory; Researchers claim rapid variation is evolution . . . and other stories r...

  • 12/27 Who Is Smarter Than Jesus?

    Episode 23

    Camels ejected from beauty contest; Parents in conflict with big tech; Library displays gender books with Bible for the holidays; Overpopulation alarmists okay human extinction; Christianity Today awards WLC's compromise . . . and other stories reviewed during this December 27, 2021 broadcast of ...

  • 12/29 Will Women's Sports Survive?

    Episode 24

    Virginia entomologist counts legs on millipedes; Facebook admits it does not verify whether fact checkers use facts; Gov. Noem insists it is not fair to allow men to compete in women's sports; European scientists assume hydrogen detected on Mars will turn out to be water; Darwinian naturalists sp...