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12/01 Is Natural Selection Evolution?

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11/29 Who Grants Authority to Parents?

Season 16, Episode 15

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  • 12/01 Is Natural Selection Evolution?

    Alabama engineer builds world’s largest Nerf gun; Paleontologists misclassify a missing link . . . again; US politicians propose budget that is more hostile to religious people; MIT team tracks city people by their cell phones; FBI raids home of mom who protested school board; Indoctrinated PhD t...

  • 12/06 Why Do Bad Things Happen?

    Humans elect bat as bird-of-the-year; Pollsters ask who people blame for bad things; Atheists try to answer big questions; California teacher leaks recordings of LGBTQIA+ recruitment training; Kraft Peanut Butter releases Transgender pronoun book for children . . . and other stories reviewed duri...

  • 12/08 Did Apes Give Man a Spine?

    A bald eagle claims a shark being reeled in by a a fisherman; Research team claims their virtual fossils provide a missing link between apes and humans; Fewer Americans want children; Stay-at-home musician prefers evolution to Answers in Genesis . . . and other stories reviewed during this Decemb...