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12/15 Is Abortion Better Than Adoption?

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12/13 Why Did T-rex Get Bone Disease?

Season 16, Episode 19

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  • 12/15 Is Abortion Better Than Adoption?

    Sailor records white whale; Abortion advocate warns that adoption is harmful; Dawkins signs feminist declaration against transgender activists; Researchers program automated microscopes and artificial intelligence to categorize coccoliths; Paleontologists ponder puzzling footprints; Evolutionists...

  • 12/20 Where Are Italy's Babies?

    Biker draws a portrait within a GPS app; Paleontologist publish papers about pterosaurs; Spanish tree-sap contains a variety of dead creatures; Male swimmer breaks female swimming records; Italian government pays people to have babies; Researchers try to verify published experiments . . . and oth...

  • 12/22 Is Rapid Adaptation Evolution?

    Humans try to teach animals English; Canadian legislators unanimously outlaw conversion therapy; Tax-funded schools in California stop giving failing grades; Astronomer's computer model is the best evidence for their theory; Researchers claim rapid variation is evolution . . . and other stories r...