A New History of the Human Race!

A New History of the Human Race!

26 Episodes

Startling new information about the human race—we’re all more closely related than you think!

A one hour overview and twenty-five broadcasts reviewing Dr. Jeanson's genetic research project.

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A New History of the Human Race!
  • S1E1 Startling New Information about the Human Race

    Episode 1

    Startling new information about the human race -- we're all more closely related than you think! (Part 1)

  • S1E2 The British are French, and the French are British!

    Episode 2

    The British are French, and the French are British! Startling new information about the human race—we're all more closely related than you think. (Part 2)

  • S1E3 Ancient Persians “Black”?

    Episode 3

    Ancient Persians "Black"? The New History of the Human Race! (Part 3)

  • S1E4 How to silently take over a country

    Episode 4

    How to silently take over a country? The New History of the Human Race! (Part 4)

  • S1E5 Secret to Human History

    Episode 5

    Secret to human history—signatures show up in mitochondrial DNA confirming three major groupings—the wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth & and a young earth!

  • S1E6 Smoking Gun of Human History

    Episode 6

    Smoking gun of human history—signatures show up in male Y chromosome for the Flood and and young earth. (Part 6)

  • S1E7 The Lost Relatives of Europe

    Episode 7

    India and Europe, two very separate civilizations...right? When the East India Company arrived on the shores of India in 1600, two ancient civilizations met for the first time in thousands of years. Or so we’ve thought. Genetics reveals a much more recent connection between the Indian subcontinen...

  • S1E8 How many people are of Mongol descent (and don’t know it)?

    Episode 8

    Do you have Mongol ancestry in your past? When the Mongols conquered China, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe in the 1200s, the created the world’s largest empire. And then what? Consult a history of western civilization, and you’ll find little mention. Genetics brings these people much closer ...

  • S1E9 The Ancient Chinese Connection to Modern Europe

    Episode 9

    To the Western world, ancient China represent one of the most exotic, distant, and mysterious civilizations. Notoriously isolationist and insular, few would expect any genealogical connections between ancient Chinese and modern Europeans. Genetics reveals the unexpected to be true. Join us to fin...

  • S1E10 The Hidden History of Americans

    Episode 10

    After Columbus arrived in the Americas, over 60 million Europeans—primarily Western Europeans—followed. But who were they? We take for granted that they were ethnically Germans, Italians, Irish, and the like. Genetics tells a very different story—and takes us back to one of the most mysterious ep...

  • S1E11 A Revolution in Pre-Columbian History

    Episode 11

    Who ruled the Americas before Columbus? For years we’ve been taught that the Americas were sparsely populated by primitive peoples who lived in such harmony with nature that they were nearly invisible. Then Europeans came with their guns, destroying both nature, Native Americans, and Native Ameri...

  • S1E12 The Resettling of the Americas Before Columbus

    Episode 12

    What happened in the Americas before Columbus? What is the history of Native Americans? Mainstream science has maintained that today’s Native Americans are the descendants of the first people who migrated to America from Asia around 15,000 years ago. Modern genetics upends this view—with radical ...

  • S1E13 The Neglected Pre-Columbian History of the Americas

    Episode 13

    The pre-Columbian history of the Americas has remained one of the most mysterious eras of the human story. Written records are absent, leaving genetics and archaeology to fill in the blanks. Or so we’ve been taught. Have written clues to the Americas been lying before our eyes this whole time? Jo...

  • S1E14 What happened to the Maya?

    Episode 14

    While the western Roman empire was falling in Europe, in the Americas one of the most spectacular civilizations was reaching its peak. With advanced astronomical capabilities, a precise calendar system, massive pyramids, and millions of people, the Mayans had no equals in their day. A few hundred...

  • S1E15 The Ancient Native American Connection to Modern Europe

    Episode 15

    Modern genetics reveals a shocking discovery: Today’s Native Americans were not the first Americans. Instead, they left Central Asia and arrived in the Americas in the early A.D. era. What people group did they come from? Who are their ancestors? What is their story? Could they be linked to Europ...

  • S1E16 Mysteries of the Ancient Pacific, Aboriginal Australia, and Early America

    Episode 16

    What happened in Australia before Europeans arrived? What is the story of the Australian Aboriginal people? What about the pre-colonial history of the Pacific Islanders? Papua New Guinea? Who were the first people to arrive in the Americas? Could all of these regions be linked through an ancient ...

  • S1E17 What Happened to the Vikings?

    Episode 17

    Fearsome, violent, and romanticized, to this day the Vikings of the Middle Ages command our attention. Even children’s movies have taken up the Viking banner. What do we know about their history? The legacy of their exploits? After the Vikings plundered northern Europe, what happened to them? A t...

  • S1E18 Can we identify the Jews genetically?

    Episode 18

    Who are the Jews? Persecuted, powerful, peaceful—the Jewish people have worn many labels throughout human history. From the height of King David’s empire to the modern Middle East conflict, Jewish people and Jewish interests have stood at the forefront of the story of civilization. Who are they? ...

  • S1E19 What happened to the ancient Egyptians?

    Episode 19

    Few ancient cultures evoke as much passion, curiosity, and mystery as ancient Egypt. Giant pyramids, powerful pharaohs, glittering tombs, mummies from the dawn of civilization—Egypt is hard to ignore. What happened to these peoples? Who are their descendants? The Egyptians of today? Or might the ...

  • S1E20 Neglected Biblical Clues to Ancient History

    Episode 20

    "New biblical discoveries” is a dangerous phrase. The Bible is unchanging, and announcements of “new” findings in the Word of God should be met with suspicion. On the other hand, the Bible is a large book that requires a lifetime of study to master. It provides the only infallible account of the ...

  • S1E21 What happened to the Neanderthals?

    Episode 21

    Primitive, brutes, cave men—Neanderthals bring to mind a whole litany of common stereotypes. Are they true? Were Neanderthals a casualty of mankind’s inevitable march or progress? Or did they disappear for other reasons? When, exactly, did they live? What can their DNA tell us about their history...

  • S1E22 Searching for the earliest clues to human history

    Episode 22

    Who are Abraham’s biological descendants? Can we identify them today? Can their DNA tell us what happened after the events at the Tower of Babel, but before the famine of Joseph’s day? In these earliest days of human history, what happened? Which civilizations rose and fell? What did Abraham have...

  • S1E23 The Hidden History of the World

    Episode 23

    What happened to the ancient Romans? The ancient Greeks? The Persians? The Egyptians? Who did the Turkish people come from? Are Turks linked to the ancient Middle East? What about the Mongols? The Vikings? Join us as we synthesize the latest DNA findings with archaeology and written history to un...

  • S1E24 Q&A Part 1 with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Ken Ham

    Episode 24

    "A New History to the Human Race" - Questions and Answers with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Ken Ham. Part 1