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A New History of the Human Race!

S1E12 How many people are of Mongol descent (and don’t know it)?

Season 1, Episode 12 • 41m

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  • S1E13 The Hidden History of Americans

    After Columbus arrived in the Americas, over 60 million Europeans—primarily Western Europeans—followed. But who were they? We take for granted that they were ethnically Germans, Italians, Irish, and the like. Genetics tells a very different story—and takes us back to one of the most mysterious ep...

  • S1E14 What happened to the Maya?

    While the western Roman empire was falling in Europe, in the Americas one of the most spectacular civilizations was reaching its peak. With advanced astronomical capabilities, a precise calendar system, massive pyramids, and millions of people, the Mayans had no equals in their day. A few hundred...

  • S1E15 The Ancient Native American Con...

    Modern genetics reveals a shocking discovery: Today’s Native Americans were not the first Americans. Instead, they left Central Asia and arrived in the Americas in the early A.D. era. What people group did they come from? Who are their ancestors? What is their story? Could they be linked to Europ...