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A New History of the Human Race!

S1E20 Neglected Biblical Clues to Ancient History

Season 1, Episode 20

Up Next in Season 1

  • S1E21 What happened to the Neanderthals?

    Primitive, brutes, cave men—Neanderthals bring to mind a whole litany of common stereotypes. Are they true? Were Neanderthals a casualty of mankind’s inevitable march or progress? Or did they disappear for other reasons? When, exactly, did they live? What can their DNA tell us about their history...

  • S1E22 Searching for the earliest clue...

    Who are Abraham’s biological descendants? Can we identify them today? Can their DNA tell us what happened after the events at the Tower of Babel, but before the famine of Joseph’s day? In these earliest days of human history, what happened? Which civilizations rose and fell? What did Abraham have...

  • S1E23 The Hidden History of the World

    What happened to the ancient Romans? The ancient Greeks? The Persians? The Egyptians? Who did the Turkish people come from? Are Turks linked to the ancient Middle East? What about the Mongols? The Vikings? Join us as we synthesize the latest DNA findings with archaeology and written history to un...