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The Ancient Chinese Connection to Modern Europe

Season 1, Episode 10 • 40m

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  • The Hidden History of Americans

    After Columbus arrived in the Americas, over 60 million Europeans—primarily Western Europeans—followed. But who were they? We take for granted that they were ethnically Germans, Italians, Irish, and the like. Genetics tells a very different story—and takes us back to one of the most mysterious ep...

  • A Revolution in Pre-Columbian History

    Who ruled the Americas before Columbus? For years we’ve been taught that the Americas were sparsely populated by primitive peoples who lived in such harmony with nature that they were nearly invisible. Then Europeans came with their guns, destroying both nature, Native Americans, and Native Ameri...

  • The Resettling of the Americas Before...

    What happened in the Americas before Columbus? What is the history of Native Americans? Mainstream science has maintained that today’s Native Americans are the descendants of the first people who migrated to America from Asia around 15,000 years ago. Modern genetics upends this view—with radical ...