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Up Next in December, 2021

  • Jesus Christ; Revelation 4-5

    Jesus Christ fulfilled all the requirements on earth and in heaven to free humankind from sin and destruction. This work is shown throughout the Bible, and is particularly clear to us in Revelation 5. Reading Revelation chapters 4-5, we quickly learn that God is preparing John to see what Jesus C...

  • Five Seals; Revelation 6-7

    One of the most powerful things that happens in the book of Revelation is Jesus Christ taking the scroll and opening the seven seals upon it. Today we will focus on the first five seals: The first four seals are represented by four horsemen and the fifth seal represents those who have been martyr...

  • Seven Bowls of Wrath; Revelation 14-16

    Revelation 16 begins by describing seven bowls of God’s wrath, held by seven angels, being poured out on the earth. God’s wrath is unique. We have experienced the wrath of man and have known the wrath of satan, but the wrath of God? The apostle Paul says, “For God did not appoint us to wrath, but...