Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2021)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2021)

12 Seasons

New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

From social issues and apologetics to theology, history and science, our mission is to educate, edify and encourage the believer to actively engage with God’s Word in all ways.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2021)
  • The Will of God; Colossians 1-2

    Episode 1

    The way we think, process, and even our imaginations without God are very different than when we have discovered God and have begun to follow Him with our life. The Bible encourages us that our mind is changed when we are born again through God’s Spirit. Make no mistake, each of us has a choice t...

  • Acting as God Commands; Colossians 3-4

    Episode 2

    The word command is a very powerful one. It means to direct with specific authority or prerogative. Many people do not see Jesus Christ as someone who commands anyone to do anything. His lack of action, they say, is because He has given us the right to choose. It is true that each of us must make...

  • We Are Not Afraid; 1 Thessalonians 1-3

    Episode 3

    There were many times when Jesus told His disciples not to fear or be afraid. That message of Christ was not only for His disciples in those days, but also for every disciple in the future. God tells us not to be afraid, even when we are persecuted for our faith. It is possible to not act and rea...

  • Heart, Soul, Strength; 1 Timothy 1-3

    Episode 4

    Emotions can be powerful tools of communication. Paul the apostle often used emotion in his Biblical messages. The Holy Spirit also uses emotion to communicate the divine messages of God. Emotion modulated by the Holy Spirit is one way God communicates what He is doing in our time. It is very eas...

  • Be Content; 1 Timothy 4-6

    Episode 5

    When it comes to being satisfied or content with what we have, most things we see, hear, and read in today’s culture are opposite of what the Bible teaches. To be content is to be satisfied, to be full, and happy. Over and over again, the Bible teaches that, as followers of Christ, we should deve...

  • Strength in Grace; 2 Timothy 1-4

    Episode 6

    Businesses work to sell their product. No matter what restrictions they have, they are focused on making their product desirable, beneficial, and useful. Christians have something that is naturally beneficial to others, are we making it desirable and useful by modelling Christ accurately? Some Ch...

  • Becoming a Christian; Titus 1-3

    Episode 7

    Becoming a Christian may be offensive to some but let me be clear, the advantages of being born again outweigh any offense. God does not wait until we have grown mature in Him before giving us the advantages of a believer in Christ. It is true that Christians grow. Like everything else in our

  • Do What Is Right; Philemon

    Episode 8

    I really cringe when I think of the many people that I have hurt in my life. I wish there were not so many. God cares about reconciliation, and He speaks to each of us about people that we have hurt, used, or abused. We are commanded to treat others with love, always. But as fallible humans, we t...

  • Copies of Heaven; Hebrews 9-10

    Episode 9

    It is easy to become fascinated with the Tabernacle and the things that the Israelites made for it around 1500 BC. At that time, they were thought of as holy, after all, God consecrated them, and His presence came to the nation through the Tabernacle. Where we are in God’s plan now, however, is d...

  • Moral Conduct; Hebrews 11-13

    Episode 10

    Those who do not know God will live very differently than those who do. Our moral conduct is shifted significantly by our way of thinking. When the Holy Spirit of God comes into our life, He changes the way we think and reason. The first six verses of Hebrews 13, explain everything we need to kno...

  • The Unruly Tongue; James 1-3

    Episode 11

    The book of James is contained within, what we call, the General Epistles. It was written by James the half-brother of Jesus Christ. Though James was born in the same household of Jesus, he did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah until after Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This seems to h...

  • Christian Witness; James 4-5

    Episode 12

    As self-professed followers of Christ, it is critical that Christians learn and know what Jesus did, how He responded and ministered to the people around Him. Christians are people who have dedicated their lives to obey God and live as Jesus did. We know that the ways of Christ are the ways of Go...

  • Salvation; 1 Peter 1-3

    Episode 13

    Speaking many words about a subject does not mean that we have great knowledge of the subject. We often value sounding smart over being smart. It may feel like perception is everything, but there are a few key issues where we can’t afford to just sound smart. Salvation is one of them. A popular d...

  • Born of God; 1 John

    Episode 14

    When I was young, I remember thinking, “I need to be cool and appear to be perfect in front of my friends, then they will make me their leader!” Leading was the goal. How to lead was the real challenge. However, there was a time when I came to the realization that my soul was dark and the evil th...

  • Walking in the Truth; 2 & 3 John, Jude

    Episode 15

    Where you find people, you will find fighting. More often than not, arguments and fights between us reveal selfishness. There is no room for selfishness in the Christian life. A key to following Christ is denying ourselves, purposefully resisting our selfishness. Jesus came into the world to show...

  • Two Churches; Revelation 1-3

    Episode 16

    The book of Revelation is fascinating! It is prophetic and intense. Its words come to us from John the apostle who was a witness of the ministry, life, death, and resurrection of Christ, during which he was also trained by Jesus. We don’t know what happened to most of the apostles and disciples o...

  • Jesus Christ; Revelation 4-5

    Episode 17

    Jesus Christ fulfilled all the requirements on earth and in heaven to free humankind from sin and destruction. This work is shown throughout the Bible, and is particularly clear to us in Revelation 5. Reading Revelation chapters 4-5, we quickly learn that God is preparing John to see what Jesus C...

  • Five Seals; Revelation 6-7

    Episode 18

    One of the most powerful things that happens in the book of Revelation is Jesus Christ taking the scroll and opening the seven seals upon it. Today we will focus on the first five seals: The first four seals are represented by four horsemen and the fifth seal represents those who have been martyr...

  • Seven Bowls of Wrath; Revelation 14-16

    Episode 19

    Revelation 16 begins by describing seven bowls of God’s wrath, held by seven angels, being poured out on the earth. God’s wrath is unique. We have experienced the wrath of man and have known the wrath of satan, but the wrath of God? The apostle Paul says, “For God did not appoint us to wrath, but...

  • The Final Government; Revelation 17-19

    Episode 20

    Revelation 17 unfolds into a climactic set of events, revealing satan’s scheme through political ambition and the spiritual forces of darkness: Babylon the Great and the Scarlet Beast. Seven kings are revealed, five of which have passed away, one still is, and a seventh has yet to come, and the b...

  • Satan’s Last Stand; Revelation 20

    Episode 21

    The Book of Life is the opposite of the second death. The first of several events to take place is the arrival of God in what is called the “catching up”. I believe that the Bible teaches us to be ready for the catching up, which, I believe, will soon take place. The last three chapters of Revela...

  • The Lamb’s Book of Life; Revelation 21

    Episode 22

    Revelation 21 begins by telling its readers that in the future there will be a new heaven and a new earth, the old will pass away and the new one will come. In this new heaven and new earth there is no more sea (21:1). The sea has several meanings: (A) It’s dark, gloomy, chaotic appearance and un...

  • I Am Coming Quickly!; Revelation 22

    Episode 23

    The last words of Revelation 22 are both encouraging and sobering. We are told that Christ is coming quickly, and that we should be ready. We are also told not to take away or add to the words John had written. Revelation was accepted probably around AD 98 as the Word of God. In the last 2,000 ye...

  • December, 2021 Bible Discovery Guide: Colossians - Revelation

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