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Up Next in December, 2021

  • The Final Government; Revelation 17-19

    Revelation 17 unfolds into a climactic set of events, revealing satan’s scheme through political ambition and the spiritual forces of darkness: Babylon the Great and the Scarlet Beast. Seven kings are revealed, five of which have passed away, one still is, and a seventh has yet to come, and the b...

  • Satan’s Last Stand; Revelation 20

    The Book of Life is the opposite of the second death. The first of several events to take place is the arrival of God in what is called the “catching up”. I believe that the Bible teaches us to be ready for the catching up, which, I believe, will soon take place. The last three chapters of Revela...

  • The Lamb’s Book of Life; Revelation 21

    Revelation 21 begins by telling its readers that in the future there will be a new heaven and a new earth, the old will pass away and the new one will come. In this new heaven and new earth there is no more sea (21:1). The sea has several meanings: (A) It’s dark, gloomy, chaotic appearance and un...