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Up Next in Season 1

  • S1E6 Smoking Gun of Human History

    Smoking gun of human history—signatures show up in male Y chromosome for the Flood and and young earth. (Part 6)

  • S1E7 The Lost Relatives of Europe

    India and Europe, two very separate civilizations...right? When the East India Company arrived on the shores of India in 1600, two ancient civilizations met for the first time in thousands of years. Or so we’ve thought. Genetics reveals a much more recent connection between the Indian subcontinen...

  • S1E8 The Ancient Chinese Connection t...

    To the Western world, ancient China represent one of the most exotic, distant, and mysterious civilizations. Notoriously isolationist and insular, few would expect any genealogical connections between ancient Chinese and modern Europeans. Genetics reveals the unexpected to be true. Join us to fin...