Living Waters - 2021

Living Waters - 2021

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2021

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters - 2021
  • Atheist Changes Mind With THIS Info

    Episode 1

    Atheist Changes Mind With THIS Info

  • Why Does She Believe the Universe Cares?

    Episode 2

    Why Does She Believe the Universe Cares?

  • Why This Atheist Thinks He’s Smarter Than Dogs

    Episode 3

    WHY This Atheist Thinks He's SMARTER Than Dogs

  • Why is One Awakened, the Other Not

    Episode 4

    Why is One AWAKENED, The Other Not

  • This is What’s Wrong With Other Religions (June, 2021)

    Episode 5

    This is What's WRONG With Other Religions

  • She Admits Why She Doesn’t Like the Biblical God

    Episode 6

    She Admits WHY She Doesn't Like the Biblical God

  • Depressed? Here’s the Solution

    Episode 7

    Ron Love, the Living Waters CFO, shares an encouraging word after losing a dear friend.

  • A Strong Unbeliever With Really Good Questions

    Episode 8

    A Strong Unbeliever with REALLY GOOD questions

    The audio is not the best, but instead of throwing the clip away, we wanted to give you a chance to watch it.

  • This One Word REALLY Offended Him

    Episode 9

    This One Word REALLY Offended Him

  • He gives a strong warning to this lukewarm Christian

    Episode 10

    Ray Comfort evangelizes to two men with deep thoughts about God and Christianity. They also both humbly receive the message of the gospel and listen well to what Ray has to say to them. Ray believes that one of them is a believer, but isn't walking with the Lord very well. He shares some strong e...

  • Evolutionist Leaves After Christian Says THIS

    Episode 11

    In this evangelism clip, Ray Comfort is open-air preaching at Huntington Beach. He engages with an evolutionist who seems confident in his beliefs, but when Ray, a Christian, pushes back on the theory-tale of evolution, it gets a little too hot in the kitchen for him and he takes off. Ray Comfort...

  • He Doesn’t Want Ray Comfort to Talk Much Longer

    Episode 12

    Ray Comfort talks with a colorful character who thinks sin is a made-up concept and believes that his cussing and sinful lifestyle doesn't matter because he's supposedly close to God. When Ray starts sharing the gospel, he nearly ends the interview. May God break through his hard heart and save him.

  • Muhammad the Muslim Doesn’t Like the Gospel

    Episode 13

    Ray Comfort talks with Muhammad, a young Muslim man who doesn't seem to like the gospel. He has an issue with the way Ray describes the God of the Bible. This is a fascinating evangelism encounter that you won't soon forget.

  • Watch How Humbly They Receive the Gospel

    Episode 14

    This evangelism clip shows Ray Comfort sharing the gospel with two refreshingly humble and kind men. May God save them. This evangelism encounter is sure to encourage you to go out and share your faith.

  • Atheist Shuts Down Christian Ray Comfort

    Episode 15

    Ray Comfort, a Christian evangelist, has some tough conversations in today's evangelism clip. He talks with a very self-righteous couple who don't think they've sinned much, and he talks with an older atheist who isn't too interested in listening to what he has to say about the gospel. And yet th...

  • “I Have No Interest in the Bible - It’s a Fairytale”

    Episode 16

    Ray Comfort interviews two colorful unbelievers in this evangelism clip. They both deny Christianity and don't respect the Bible.

  • Church Biker Group Wants Him to Stop the Interview...

    Episode 17

    Ray Comfort interviews a colorful character who appears to be a member of a church biker group...but they want him to leave.

  • Humble, Unsaved Catholic Listens to Ray Comfort

    Episode 18

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a committed but humble Catholic. Watch how he listens carefully to the gospel and to the spiritual truths Ray has to share with him. Pray for his salvation.

  • Why Richard Dawkins Says to Abort Down Syndrome Kids

    Episode 19

    In a tweet that Richard Dawkins posted, he said it would be immoral to not abort your baby if you found it he or she had Down Syndrome. Why would Richard Dawkins say this? Watch how Ray Comfort responds, and then enjoy an evangelism interview where the Law goes to work in the hearts of the lost.

  • He Thinks Fearing God & Hell Is Dumb...Until Hearing THIS

    Episode 20

    Ray Comfort evangelizes to a young man who has some passionate thoughts about God. He thinks that fearing God is dumb, and even says that people who care about changing their sinful ways so that they don't go to Hell are wrong. But at the end of this evangelism conversation, he has a much differe...

  • Why Can’t We Atone for Our Own Sin?

    Episode 21

    In 50 years of evangelism, Ray Comfort has never heard what this young man said to him. The amount of disregard he has for what Jesus did is heartbreaking.

  • Ray Comfort Enlightens This Reincarnationist

    Episode 22

    In today's evangelism clip, Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a Reincarnationist. Ray helps him see the unreasonableness of reincarnation and points him to the truths of the Bible.

  • Ray Comfort Shares the Gospel with a Jew

    Episode 23

    Ray Comfort, himself of Jewish ethnicity, shares the gospel with a Jew who holds fast to the Jewish faith. Watch how Ray points this man to the Lamb who took away the sins of the world in this evangelism clip.

  • Divine Evangelism Encounter: He Has Terminal Cancer

    Episode 24

    Ray Comfort has a divine evangelism encounter with a man who has stage four lung cancer. In this sobering evangelism clip, Ray talks with him about the afterlife and about whether or not he knows he'll go to Heaven or Hell.