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Living Waters - 2021

He gives a strong warning to this lukewarm Christian

Season 2, Episode 10

Up Next in 2021: April - June

  • Evolutionist Leaves After Christian S...

    In this evangelism clip, Ray Comfort is open-air preaching at Huntington Beach. He engages with an evolutionist who seems confident in his beliefs, but when Ray, a Christian, pushes back on the theory-tale of evolution, it gets a little too hot in the kitchen for him and he takes off. Ray Comfort...

  • He Doesn’t Want Ray Comfort to Talk M...

    Ray Comfort talks with a colorful character who thinks sin is a made-up concept and believes that his cussing and sinful lifestyle doesn't matter because he's supposedly close to God. When Ray starts sharing the gospel, he nearly ends the interview. May God break through his hard heart and save him.

  • Muhammad the Muslim Doesn’t Like the ...

    Ray Comfort talks with Muhammad, a young Muslim man who doesn't seem to like the gospel. He has an issue with the way Ray describes the God of the Bible. This is a fascinating evangelism encounter that you won't soon forget.