• Incredible Race Drama

    1 season

    Two friends enter The Incredible Race and quickly find themselves off course and stranded after their plane crash lands in the jungles of Guatemala. Marooned with them are a flight attendant, a missionary, and a spoiled rich kid.

  • Operation Arctic Drama

    1 season

    This drama begins in the city with a high-powered executive who is fed up with the rat race. He decides to move to the wilderness for a quieter, simpler existence. Little does he realize all that’s in store—missing treasure, goofy bad guys, unexpected visitors, and plenty of action!

  • Ocean Commotion Drama

    1 season

    Follow Alex on an epic adventure to Ocean Land as she discovers we need the Bible to discern the truth from the lies.

  • Time Lab Teaching

    1 season

    Discover the eternal Christ throughout the Bible, from beginning to end.

  • Christmas with Ken & Buddy


    Laugh, sing-along, and learn with Ken Ham and Buddy Davis as they present a fun Christmas variety show, shot live before hundreds of guests at the Creation Museum’s annual Christmas outreach.

  • Time Lab Drama
    1 season

    Time Lab Drama

    1 season

    A broken time machine, a queen, and an evil genuis make for quite the adventure in this drama from Time Lab, an Answers VBS.

  • The First ChristmasTown

    1 season

    Your family’s understanding of the true meaning of Christmas will increase greatly through this one-of-a-kind production! Recorded at the Creation Museum’s annual “living nativity” outreach.

  • Mystery Island Teaching

    1 season

    What do other religions believe and how can we reach them with the gospel? Explore Islam, secular humanism, the New Age movement, the marks of a cult, and true biblical Christianity.

  • A Donkey, a Lamb, and Jesus: Devotional for Kids

    Learn about Jesus by AiG speaker Bryan Osborne at the Creation Museum petting zoo.

  • From the Spooky Ark Exhibit: Devotional for Kids

    Learn from AiG Speaker Bryan Osborne about how the disciples in hiding help us not be frightened by a virus.

  • Walk the Ark Ramp: Devotional for Kids

    Learn from AiG speaker Bryan Osborne what it means to have faith in Jesus.