Learn timeless biblical truths while having fun with dramas, adventures, toe-tapping musicals, and more just for kids!

  • Kids Answers

    1 season

    Join Buddy Davis as he tackles common kids' questions using the Bible!

  • The Wild Brothers: New Discoveries

    Get ready to meet these four modern-day missionary kids as they adventure far into God's creation.

  • Good News Club TV

    4 seasons

    Could you use some Good News in your life right now? Join us and hear the best news ever. You’ll hear about the amazing things God did in the Bible as well as the amazing things He can do for you. You’ll also have the opportunity to sing some songs and play a game that will help you learn God’s w...

  • Kids' Animal Videos

    29 items

    A playlist of Kids' Animal videos.

  • Serie Explorando

    1 season

    Esta serie interactiva está repleta de enseñanzas bíblicas y apologéticas para niños.

  • Where Was the Garden of Eden Located?

    4 items

    Where was the Garden of Eden located? This and other short segment videos from Ken Ham.

  • Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel

    1 season

    Join Ken Ham and Buddy Davis for this upbeat educational video. It’s packed with music and fun biblical teaching! Ken and Buddy show kids that God created animals, including dinosaurs, on Day 6. Did dinosaurs roam the earth with Adam? Did T. rex dine on fruits and vegetables? How did dinosaurs fi...

  • Kids’ Most-asked Questions...About Science & the Bible!

    God designed humans to be curious about the world and universe around them. This is especially obvious in children. Dr. Georgia Purdom reveals simple, Bible-based answers that parents can use with children of all ages!

  • Dinosaurs And More

    Kids love dinosaurs! But Christian parents are understandably cautious when they see new dinosaur programs geared towards children.
    Secular dinosaur shows push evolutionary ideas like: dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, dinosaurs evolved into birds, and dinosaurs went extinct long before m...

  • A is for Adam

    This short animated film shares the message of the gospel to young children, beginning in the book of Genesis.

  • D is for Dinosaur

    Kids love dinosaurs, so it's vital that parents begin teaching about them when they are young. D is for Dinosaur makes it easy to show kids the true history of dinosaurs.

  • N is for Noah

    The account of the ark, the flood, and the man of faith at the heart of this biblical adventure is told in informative rhyming verse.

  • Las 7Cs de la Historia

    A Ti de Verdad pero de Verdad te gustaría aprender la historia del mundo?
    ¡Conoce la historia del mundo con 7 palabras que comienzan con la letra C!

    Basado en la serie de Ruth Carter con talleres para niños en el Creation Museum y la colección de sus libros: "A Mi de Verdad pero de Verdad me gu...

  • Mystery Island Daily Drama

    1 season

    There's a mystery to solve in a tropical paradise and the reward is far greater than any lost treasure. Enjoy this drama from Mystery Island, an Answers VBS.

  • Mystery Island Teaching

    1 season

    What do other religions believe and how can we reach them with the gospel? Explore Islam, secular humanism, the New Age movement, the marks of a cult, and true biblical Christianity.

  • The Incredible Race Daily Drama

    1 season

    Two friends enter The Incredible Race and quickly find themselves off course and stranded after their plane crash lands in the jungles of Guatemala. Marooned with them are a flight attendant, a missionary, and a spoiled rich kid.

  • The Incredible Race Mission Moments

    5 items

    Explore Equador, the Philippines, Kenya, Romania, and the United States in these mission moments from The Incredible Race.

  • Time Lab Teaching

    1 season

    Discover the eternal Christ throughout the Bible, from beginning to end.

  • Operation Arctic Daily Drama

    1 season

    This drama begins in the city with a high-powered executive who is fed up with the rat race. He decides to move to the wilderness for a quieter, simpler existence. Little does he realize all that’s in store—missing treasure, goofy bad guys, unexpected visitors, and plenty of action!

  • Operation Arctic Wild Family Mission Moments

    5 items

    Learn how the Wild family uses the lessons learned from VBS to change lives in the South Pacific.

  • Ocean Commotion Daily Drama

    1 season

    Follow Alex on an epic adventure to Ocean Land as she discovers we need the Bible to discern the truth from the lies.

  • Ocean Commotion Missionary Moments

    6 items

    Six days of Ocean Commotion Missionary Moments.

  • Camp Kilimanjaro Daily Drama: To the Roof of Africa

    1 season

    The trekkers at Camp Kilimanjaro are on the hunt for a mystery creature. Could it be bigfoot?

  • Kingdom Chronicles Daily Drama: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

    1 season

    Watch the daily drama included in The Kingdom Chronicles: Standing Strong in the Battle for Truth.