Adventures with Buddy Davis

Adventures with Buddy Davis

Were dragons real? Why does it matter what you believe about dinosaurs? From dragons to dinosaurs and the big T-Rex, join Buddy Davis on his adventure to separate fact from fiction.

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Adventures with Buddy Davis
  • S1E1 Here There Be Dragons

    Were dragons real? If so, what were they? How do dragons fit in to the biblical framework? Discover the answers to these questions in an interactive workshop designed for the entire family and led by Buddy Davis. Buddy is a paleo-artist and has sculpted many of the dinosaurs here at the Creation ...

  • S1E2 It Didn’t Happen By Chance

    How does Buddy make a dinosaur? Buddy Davis sculpted most of the full-size dinosaurs at the Creation Museum. In this session, he reviews what paleontologists know and don't know about fossil bones. He talks about the creativity involved in reconstructing extinct creatures.

    The intelligent design...

  • S1E3 T. rex - King of the Dragons

    Join Buddy Davis, worldwide adventurer, as he takes you along on an exciting adventure! You’ll learn about one of the most impressive dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus rex, in this interactive program. Experience the truth about dinosaurs and dragons through solid biblical teaching and fun crafts.

  • S1E4 Dinosaur Detective - Separating Fact from Fiction

    Why does it matter what you believe about dinosaurs? More than any other creatures, dinosaurs are used to trick people into believing in millions-of-years. Buddy starts with the eye-witness testimony of our Creator. All people interpret facts based on their beliefs. You can trust God's Word . . ....