Time Lab Daily Drama

Time Lab Daily Drama

5 Episodes

A broken time machine, a queen, and an evil genuis make for quite the adventure in this drama from Time Lab, an Answers VBS.

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Time Lab Daily Drama
  • Time Lab Drama: Scene 1

    Episode 1

    The professor has had an accident with the time machine, changing him into a boy. Meanwhile, the evil Oda Grim is hiding in the lab. Will she be discovered?

  • Time Lab Drama: Scene 2

    Episode 2

    The professor is converted back to his normal age using the time machine. Is it truly repaired? Avery decides to write her school paper about Jesus.

  • Time Lab Drama: Scene 3

    Episode 3

    The time machine and Robo are malfunctioning, Queen Josephine is missing, and Oda Grim is scheming.

  • Time Lab Drama: Scene 4

    Episode 4

    Professor repairs the machine and decides to test it. Will he eventually be able to send Queen Josephine back to her own time? Robo has continuing mechanical problems.

  • Time Lab Drama: Scene 5

    Episode 5

    Oda Grim disguises herself as an inspector and brings a shrink ray to the lab. Will her plan succeed? Avery learns about eternity, and makes an important decision.