Kids' Animal Videos

Kids' Animal Videos

A playlist of Kids' Animal videos.

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Kids' Animal Videos
  • Emperor Penguins

    God designed emperor penguins to live in the harsh Antarctic winter.

    Excerpt From Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, Vol. 3

  • Elephant

    The elephant is an wonderful creature that God designed in a special way.

  • Cockroach Experiment

    Learn about the perfect family pet in this experiment.

  • August 2022: Kinkajous

    2022 August: Meet Tiki! Our kinkajou lives in the Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter.

    Watch all of our 2022 calendar videos!

  • April 2022: African Crowned Cranes

    2022 April: Meet Shiloh & Salem! Our African Crowned Cranes live in the Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter.

    Watch all of our 2022 calendar videos!

  • Fossil Dig Site

    What does a fossil dig site and two scientists with differing views teach us?

  • S2E9 Summer Beaches

    Time to catch some tiger beetles, watch some seagulls, look for antlions, and learn more amazing facts about God's creation.

  • S1E6 Marc the Toolman

    Kashtan gives you a behind-the-scenes look into a day in the life of Marc. As the Zoo Director, Marc is dedicated to improving and making things better for the animals, guests, and staff. See what it takes to keep Creation Kingdom Zoo safe and running smoothly. There's bound to be tons of zoo c...

  • S1E46 Meet the Aoudads!

    New additions to the Ark zoo and learn how to pronounce their name.

    Also known as Barbary sheep, do you think these North African natives are more like sheep or more like goats?

  • S1E45 Feeding & Nutrition

    Learn how to make a porcupine salad and all sorts of other meals!

    Sarah Jo takes Ken behind the scenes to learn about nutrition and feeding.

    Our team at the Ararat Ridge Zoo cares for the amazing creatures you can meet when you visit the Ark Encounter.

  • S1E44 Lemur Welcome Party!

    Ken and Leanne celebrate World Lemur Day from the Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter. Eight ringtail lemurs have just arrived. Watch our welcome party!

    Which kings from the Old Testament are these eight lemurs named after?

  • S1E43 Five New Creatures

    Leanne and Karina introduce Ken to five creatures newly arrived at the Ark Encounter: millipedes, Russian tortoise, king snake, pastel python and Taiwan beauty snake

  • S1E42 Hello Salem and Shiloh!

    Ken meets two African Crowned Cranes, newly arrived at our Ararat Ridge Zoo. See them for yourself when you visit the Ark Encounter.

  • S1E41 World Goat Day 2020

    Which animals are smarter: goats or dogs?

    Meet some of the goats that live in Ararat Ridge Zoo. One of our trainers, George, demonstrates some of the tricks our goats have learned. You can meet these goats when you come to the Ark Encounter.

  • S1E40 World Lizard Day!

    A live encounter with amazing creatures! August 14th is World Lizard Day.

  • S1E39 African Animals

    What African animal is pink and yellow? Learn about three African animals we care for in our zoo here at the Creation Museum.

  • S1E38 Meet Suza - one of our K9 dogs

    Selected, trained and certified as one of our elite K9 dogs, Suza protects the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. Let's see what she and Adam can do!

  • S1E37 Can You Say Coatis?

    What sound do coati make? What do they eat? Zookeeper Leanne introduces you to another amazing creature we care for at the Creation Museum.

    Photo by Giovanna Gomes on Unsplash

  • S1E34 How Noah and His Family Could Have Cared for the Animals

    A unique look at how animals could have been taken care of by Noah and his family. Part 2 of Animal Encounters of a Different Kind.

  • S1E33 Animal Encounters of a Different Kind: Inside the Ark

    Our zoo keeper explains fascinating details behind the animal kinds in the Ark Encounter exhibits.

  • S1E31 Lizards on Leashes

    See lizards on leashes and learn about lizard kinds!

  • S1E24 Watch Ella the Donkey Pull Her Cart

    Watch Ella the donkey pull a cart around the Creation Museum gardens. What mystery animal is Ella pulling around?

  • S1E30 Did We Pick Your Animal Enrichment?

    Did we pick yours? See how the animals at the Creation Museum react to the enrichments you suggested!

  • S1E22 Whose poo is whose?

    Whose poo is whose? 😳💩 Another fun challenge as we discuss vet care at the Ark Encounter.