Creation, Cross & Culture

Creation, Cross & Culture

20 Episodes

Beginning with an understanding of Genesis 1-11 as the seedbed of all Christian doctrines, Creation, Cross & Culture is a brand-new Answers.TV exclusive series featuring cultural apologist/philosopher and founder of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity- Rev. Dr. Joseph Boot (M.A., Ph.D.).

With over twenty years of lecturing globally at universities, seminaries and churches, addressing academic, medical, legal, and political professionals (as well as debating leading atheistic thinkers and philosophers in CA and the US), Joe reveals a deeper understanding of how the Cross of Christ should bear witness to the cultural issues of today.

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Creation, Cross & Culture
  • Life in a Culture of Death (part 1)

    Episode 19

    NOTE: This episode discusses the topic of abortion. Viewer discretion and parental guidance is advised.

    The Hebrew word for mercy derives from the word womb, which helps us understand David’s praise in Psalm 139, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I pra...

  • Life in a Culture of Death (part 2)

    Episode 20

    Under God, the ministry of the doctor is meant to be a ministry of life and healing; under humanistic man-gods, doctors are increasingly being asked to become murderers. All this is done behind the blasphemous claim that humanism reverences and affirms life.

  • Biblical Marriage (part 1)

    Episode 17

    NOTE: This episode discusses sexuality from a biblical perspective. Viewer discretion and parental guidance is advised.

    It was the spiritual and cultural heirs of John Calvin, the Puritans, who were really responsible for the elevation of the significance of sex and romance within marriage in We...

  • Biblical Marriage (part 2)

    Episode 18

    NOTE: This episode discusses sexuality from a biblical perspective. Viewer discretion and parental guidance is advised.

    True biblical religion will lead to a proper, fulfilling and ‘other’-centered view of sex; false religion will produce self-centered, self-gratifying perversion. There is a clo...

  • Worldview and a Christian Philosophy of History (part 1)

    Episode 14

    A historian needs a criterion for distinguishing the historical aspect of reality from all the other aspects. The problem with historicism is that, without the doctrine of creation, it lacks a valid criterion, because the historical aspect of our experience and all reality are reduced to one and ...

  • Worldview and a Christian Philosophy of History (part 2)

    Episode 15

    There can only be a transcendent solution to the problem of history, by the incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension and kingdom rule of the man Jesus Christ. Only in the providence and sovereignty of God can we face the future and rest secure in his promise of restoration and renewal for all ...

  • Worldview and a Christian Philosophy of History (part 3)

    Episode 16

    The scriptural view of history is that the Son of God is not simply saving individual souls, but is inheriting the nations, as we read in Psalm 2 and elsewhere.

  • Sex and Intelligent Design

    Episode 13

    Without taking one’s underlying assumptions about the world into account, human thinking in areas like human sexuality remains uncritical, shallow and superficial.

  • The Syncretistic Motive of Modern Culture (part 1)

    Episode 11

    There is a revival of syncretism in the modern approach to religion that not only dashes to pieces the real and historical claims of biblical Christianity (and of other historical faiths) by relativizing them, but also presupposes an absolute, divine perspective on truth for the syncretist.

  • The Syncretistic Motive of Modern Culture (part 2)

    Episode 12

    From Nimrod’s historic axiological rebellion of Babel proceeded an ontological subversion of the whole notion of truth in the development and dissemination of occult and psychological religion: man’s idea, not revelation, asserted as the basis of truth.

  • Religion and Work

    Episode 10

    Despite its claims to an exalted position of religious neutrality, secular relativism is self-refuting because it clearly has absolute intent – to control the whole playing field. We must expose secularism’s self-deception and confront our culture with biblical truth.

  • Rousseau and the Makings of the Utopian Power State

    Episode 9

    When considering the mission of God and reign of Christ, it is imperative that Christians understand the difference between utopia and the kingdom of God, lest they be found advancing the cause of other gods and another faith.

  • The Colour of Death (part 1)

    Episode 7

    Throughout the green movement, many are promoting a culture of death in the name of life, health and eco-justice. Whereas the God of Scripture says, “be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it”, and tells us that children are a heritage and reward from him, this new religion tells us...

  • The Colour of Death (part 2)

    Episode 8

    In order to achieve the visions of liberation and environmental justice it is necessary to shape the hearts and minds of the rising generation. One of the main planks in the radical environmentalist platform is to ensure the children have been indoctrinated regarding the ‘facts’ about climate cha...

  • The Constant Gardener

    Episode 6

    When it comes to human culture, the question is not whether we will shape it, but rather what kind of culture will we cultivate. That is to say, as image-bearers of God, we are inescapably cultural creatures. We have been placed in this world as in a garden, to tend, develop and care for it. Enjo...

  • Justice, Race and Revolution (part 1)

    Episode 4

    The idea of structural oppression and the need to be liberated from it is not new. However, for a generation nourished in government schools and universities steeped in the radical intellectual legacy of Rousseau, and flavored with the naturalistic, atheistic neo-Marxist developments of the New L...

  • Justice, Race and Revolution (part 2)

    Episode 5

    The liberating identity of those in the covenant of grace transcends skin color and ethnic origin and refuses to look at the world in terms of us and them, oppressors versus oppressed, but grasps all reality in light of our Creation, Fall and Redemption as a human race.

  • Darwinism and the Cult of the Expert

    Episode 3

    Intellectuals are informed by one worldview or another, which always underlies their efforts to account for either physical or social phenomena, informing the solutions they offer. Naturalistic VS. theistic views are always in play, and the foundation for thinking between the Christian and non-Ch...

  • The Marvel and Mystery of Man (part 1)

    Episode 1

    Scripture clearly connects the activities of creation and redemption as a unified totality in Jesus Christ, pointing to the ultimate destiny of redeemed humanity in resurrection life. In Colossians 1:15-20, Paul affirms that all things in the entire cosmos, visible and invisible, including all po...

  • The Marvel and Mystery of Man (part 2)

    Episode 2

    As image-bearers of God, human beings occupy a privileged place within creation. The wonder of man is that he occupies a kingly position as the religious center of the temporal cosmos. Christ Jesus emphasized the central place of man not only by His own incarnation, but by the relative value he p...