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Worldview and a Christian Philosophy of History (part 1)

Season 1, Episode 14

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  • Sex and Intelligent Design

    Without taking one’s underlying assumptions about the world into account, human thinking in areas like human sexuality remains uncritical, shallow and superficial.

  • The Syncretistic Motive of Modern Cul...

    From Nimrod’s historic axiological rebellion of Babel proceeded an ontological subversion of the whole notion of truth in the development and dissemination of occult and psychological religion: man’s idea, not revelation, asserted as the basis of truth.

  • The Syncretistic Motive of Modern Cul...

    There is a revival of syncretism in the modern approach to religion that not only dashes to pieces the real and historical claims of biblical Christianity (and of other historical faiths) by relativizing them, but also presupposes an absolute, divine perspective on truth for the syncretist.