Canada Feature Videos

Canada Feature Videos

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Answers in Genesis, Canada (AiG CA) equips thousands of Canadians and millions worldwide to defend their faith and proclaim the gospel more frequently and effectively through our powerful video content.

From 60-second shorts to our multi-episode Answers Originals, AiG CA produces a wide variety of high-impact media content guaranteed to invigorate the faith of believers and challenge skeptics to consider the truth claims of God’s word from the very first verse!

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Canada Feature Videos
  • S4E1 Teaching Kids Apologetics

    Episode 1

    Some of the most heartbreaking moments I’ve experienced have been when explaining to church audiences how over 70% of young people from Christian homes who attend state-run schools abandon the faith. Many times, as I scanned the attendees, you could see a stiffening of a husband’s back while his ...

  • S4E2 Pinpoint Accuracy

    Episode 2

    The Allied commanders in WWII learned something that many Bible believers (often bemoaning the state of the church and the decline of Christian morality and influence) should understand if they want to be effective in the fight for re-establishing godly values in society.

  • S4E3 Solving Life’s Biggest Puzzle

    Episode 3

    For scientists studying the world today, one of the greatest challenges in understanding the creatures in it involves unlocking the incredibly complex coded language system known as DNA. Many of them ponder its origin and want to know whether there are clues within it that can answer that. The an...

  • S4E4 Teaching Kids About Dinosaurs

    Episode 4

    Are churches teaching young people Bible stories—or history? Some might think these are synonymous; however, often the honest answer to this question is that most children from Christian homes are presented the biblical narratives and “big picture concepts” of Scripture as “stories” rather than r...

  • S4E5 Defend What You Love

    Episode 5

    Apologetics is the study and practice of giving logical, reasoned arguments for the rationality and truth of the Christian faith. If it makes sense we should physically train to defend what is important in life, how much more should we train to defend with what is most precious of all?

  • S4E6 Ugly Sweater of Faith

    Episode 6

    Many Christians in the West are watching the unravelling of their faith played out before their eyes. They can still see some of the familiar images and influence of the Christian era their culture once embraced interwoven into the fabric of society, but it no longer seems bright, tight, and cohe...

  • S4E7 Did God Create a Flat Earth

    Episode 7

    Equating belief in a flat earth as similar to belief in biblical creation has been a favorite tactic for atheists, as a cudgel to discredit and demean opposition to the story of evolution for quite a while. However, many Christians are declaring belief in a flat earth now- but is that what the Bi...

  • S4E8 Atheism The Weakest of Worldviews

    Episode 8

    Christians who engage in apologetic arguments against the story of evolution often discover something quickly. Although they may think that this is a predominantly scientific issue, many times believers find themselves in a philosophical debate instead.

  • S4E9 Of Fools and Follies

    Episode 9

    Having a reasoned defense of God’s Word, especially when discussing foundational issues such as the question of origins, moral issues, social standards, etc. is essential in witnessing and social engagement in culture. And God’s Word speaks about conducting ourselves wisely when we do so.

  • S4E10 How To Interpret Genesis

    Episode 10

    It is true that some passages of Scripture are quite difficult to fully grasp. However, declaring some passages are hard to understand somehow means the majority of the Bible (including Genesis 1-11) needs special knowledge beyond the average person’s understanding simply isn’t justified.

  • S4E11 Jaws of Doubt

    Episode 11

    How did God create evil if He cannot exist with it in the first place? Furthermore, how can a good God allow evil things to happen on this earth without intervening? These are questions that evolutionists use to dissuade against the Christian faith. Calvin Smith has some answers to these question...

  • S4E12 Charging the Stronghold of Humanism

    Episode 12

    In the spiritual battle over biblical authority in the West, there is a key position that God’s people don’t seem to be able to overcome. The enemy is using it to hold the church at bay, while they are suppressed, scattered, and ununified for over a hundred years now. And it has resulted in count...

  • S4E13 Fossils In A Day

    Episode 13

    Rapidly decaying soft-bodied animals like jellyfish have been found around the world, and this presents an incredible conundrum for evolutionary scientists, because jellyfish decay so rapidly that after a very short time- they typically leave no trace whatsoever.