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Up Next in Canada Feature Videos 2023

  • S4E3 Solving Life’s Biggest Puzzle

    For scientists studying the world today, one of the greatest challenges in understanding the creatures in it involves unlocking the incredibly complex coded language system known as DNA. Many of them ponder its origin and want to know whether there are clues within it that can answer that. The an...

  • S4E4 Teaching Kids About Dinosaurs

    Are churches teaching young people Bible stories—or history? Some might think these are synonymous; however, often the honest answer to this question is that most children from Christian homes are presented the biblical narratives and “big picture concepts” of Scripture as “stories” rather than r...

  • S4E5 Defend What You Love

    Apologetics is the study and practice of giving logical, reasoned arguments for the rationality and truth of the Christian faith. If it makes sense we should physically train to defend what is important in life, how much more should we train to defend with what is most precious of all?