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Up Next in Canada Feature Videos 2023

  • S4E7 Did God Create a Flat Earth

    Equating belief in a flat earth as similar to belief in biblical creation has been a favorite tactic for atheists, as a cudgel to discredit and demean opposition to the story of evolution for quite a while. However, many Christians are declaring belief in a flat earth now- but is that what the Bi...

  • S4E8 Atheism The Weakest of Worldviews

    Christians who engage in apologetic arguments against the story of evolution often discover something quickly. Although they may think that this is a predominantly scientific issue, many times believers find themselves in a philosophical debate instead.

  • S4E9 Of Fools and Follies

    Having a reasoned defense of God’s Word, especially when discussing foundational issues such as the question of origins, moral issues, social standards, etc. is essential in witnessing and social engagement in culture. And God’s Word speaks about conducting ourselves wisely when we do so.