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Up Next in Canada Feature Videos 2023

  • S4E10 How To Interpret Genesis

    It is true that some passages of Scripture are quite difficult to fully grasp. However, declaring some passages are hard to understand somehow means the majority of the Bible (including Genesis 1-11) needs special knowledge beyond the average person’s understanding simply isn’t justified.

  • S4E11 Jaws of Doubt

    How did God create evil if He cannot exist with it in the first place? Furthermore, how can a good God allow evil things to happen on this earth without intervening? These are questions that evolutionists use to dissuade against the Christian faith. Calvin Smith has some answers to these question...

  • S4E12 Charging the Stronghold of Huma...

    In the spiritual battle over biblical authority in the West, there is a key position that God’s people don’t seem to be able to overcome. The enemy is using it to hold the church at bay, while they are suppressed, scattered, and ununified for over a hundred years now. And it has resulted in count...