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  • Music in Battle; Psalms 139-142

    Psalm 140 is a clear cry for help in the midst of battle. It makes me think of music’s historic association with battle. Instruments were used to give important signals and instructions, music was played to synchronize movement, and played in the downtimes to revive the hearts of weary
    men. It wa...

  • Eternal Life; Psalms 143-146

    While it is true that “this too shall pass,” as stated by a wise man when contemplating our modern societies, there are some things that don’t pass away. Circumstances change, time moves on, but as sure as the sun rises, sin left unchecked will grow. Sin presents us with an ongoing danger, it lin...

  • Judgement; Psalms 147-150

    We all make judgments every day, sometimes without realizing we’re doing it and sometimes consciously and with great effort. The question is: Are we judging in a righteous, godly way, or are we judging how the world judges? And how do we know the difference? In this respect, the book of Proverbs ...