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Up Next in June 2024

  • Judgement; Psalms 147-150

    We all make judgments every day, sometimes without realizing we’re doing it and sometimes consciously and with great effort. The question is: Are we judging in a righteous, godly way, or are we judging how the world judges? And how do we know the difference? In this respect, the book of Proverbs ...

  • Wisdom; Proverbs 1-4

    A key word in the book of Proverbs is wisdom. It means the ability to live life skillfully; a godly life in an ungodly world. Proverbs gives godly instructions on how to live in this troubled time. We would do very well to pay attention to it. Despite not always living in wisdom, King Solomon was...

  • Living Well; Proverbs 5-8

    Proverbs 6 mentions three ways that we can get ourselves in trouble. The first is in what we say or promise to those around us. Sometimes it is better for us to keep quiet, rather than to say or promise too much. This protects us from finding ourselves caught up in the schemes of others. The seco...