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Up Next in May 2024

  • Am I Wrong?; Job 29-32

    We often assume that God would do things exactly the way we would. But God thinks in much different ways than we do. God is an entirely different being than we are. He is inherently holy, eternal, moral, and good. We are bound to time and experiences, and sin has affected the way we think. We are...

  • Elihu Speaks; Job 33-36

    When you are truly in need it can be a really difficult thing to listen to someone who is full of themselves. Elihu seems to be such a man, full of pride. He listened to the arguments of Job’s friends and was frustrated that they failed to move Job. So now, it is his turn. Elihu’s name means “He ...

  • Questions of God; Job 37-39

    If you were asking God questions about why your life is so bad, what would you expect Him to
    say? I’m not sure what Job was expecting, but God did certainly meet him in his needs. God
    confronts Job about life and about realities of living on the earth. He asked Job questions that
    reminded Job of ...