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Up Next in May 2024

  • Questions of God; Job 37-39

    If you were asking God questions about why your life is so bad, what would you expect Him to
    say? I’m not sure what Job was expecting, but God did certainly meet him in his needs. God
    confronts Job about life and about realities of living on the earth. He asked Job questions that
    reminded Job of ...

  • Do Not Fear; Psalms 9-14

    Fear is one of the more powerful emotions that drives our decisions. Sometimes this is good but
    many times it is not. We look both ways before crossing a busy street for fear of being hit by a
    car. That is a healthy fear. Some of us fear the discipline of God, or even His wrath. That is a very

  • Pleasure; Psalms 15-18

    Pleasure is such a powerful, dominating sensation that it often overrides our reason and decisions. Some people will do anything for immediate gratification. But intense pleasure is not evil in itself because God designed us to feel pleasure. The problem is when we desire great pleasure for our o...