Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2024)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2024)

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Coming in 2024:
New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year. We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2024)
  • May 2024, Bible Discovery Guide: Job - Psalms

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    Make the most of your devotional time with our Guide to the Bible in a year. Each Guide provides valuable context and theological insight to help strengthen your faith and dig deeper into the richness of God's Word every day.

  • Why?; Job 1-3

    Episode 1

    The book of Job is considered to be one of the oldest in the Bible by many scholars. There are a
    number of reasons for this, but tradition says that Moses knew and told this story to his people.
    To the best of our knowledge, the story seems to be set in the time of the patriarchs: Abraham,

  • God is Good; Job 4-7

    Episode 2

    When we pay attention, we can see the goodness of God every day in our lives, and we can also
    see evil. The book of Job showcases the complex and troubling difficulty that comes with the battle between good and evil. For our part, we need to remember that God is good no matter what, and that evil...

  • Job to Bildad; Job 8-11

    Episode 3

    We learn a lot about Job and what he’s going through in his responses to his friends. The men have come to comfort Job but end up doing just the opposite. They are presenting their ideas and religious philosophies, trying to explain what Job is going through. Part of their facts are right, but mo...

  • Close to God; Job 20-23

    Episode 4

    It is extremely disheartening to see human evil and wickedness today. The ease with which so
    many people seem to take up dark ways and set themselves against goodness and morality is
    disturbing. Especially as we try to orient our lives to follow after God, the evil around us can be
    really troubli...

  • Does Evil Succeed?; Job 24-28

    Episode 5

    It is galling to live in this life with so many who are thriving in evil. Especially when you are trying to follow God and coming up against struggles. This can give us a sense of how Job must have felt. He had lost everything and didn’t know why. He had been trying! He had been doing everything ...

  • Am I Wrong?; Job 29-32

    Episode 6

    We often assume that God would do things exactly the way we would. But God thinks in much different ways than we do. God is an entirely different being than we are. He is inherently holy, eternal, moral, and good. We are bound to time and experiences, and sin has affected the way we think. We are...

  • Elihu Speaks; Job 33-36

    Episode 7

    When you are truly in need it can be a really difficult thing to listen to someone who is full of themselves. Elihu seems to be such a man, full of pride. He listened to the arguments of Job’s friends and was frustrated that they failed to move Job. So now, it is his turn. Elihu’s name means “He ...

  • Questions of God; Job 37-39

    Episode 8

    If you were asking God questions about why your life is so bad, what would you expect Him to
    say? I’m not sure what Job was expecting, but God did certainly meet him in his needs. God
    confronts Job about life and about realities of living on the earth. He asked Job questions that
    reminded Job of ...

  • Do Not Fear; Psalms 9-14

    Episode 9

    Fear is one of the more powerful emotions that drives our decisions. Sometimes this is good but
    many times it is not. We look both ways before crossing a busy street for fear of being hit by a
    car. That is a healthy fear. Some of us fear the discipline of God, or even His wrath. That is a very

  • Pleasure; Psalms 15-18

    Episode 10

    Pleasure is such a powerful, dominating sensation that it often overrides our reason and decisions. Some people will do anything for immediate gratification. But intense pleasure is not evil in itself because God designed us to feel pleasure. The problem is when we desire great pleasure for our o...

  • The Heavens; Psalms 19-23

    Episode 11

    It was the LORD who instructed Abraham to look up at the stars and count them if he could
    (GENESIS 15:5). Of course, we know that it was an impossible task. Yet in Psalm 147:4, we learn that God cannot only count the stars but knows them all by name! It is impossible for our human minds to unders...

  • King of Glory; Psalms 24-28

    Episode 12

    In the Bible, God is given the title the King of Glory. In Psalm 24, the Hebrew word for ""glory"" is kavod meaning glory, honour, and wealth or abundance. In other words, God is the King of
    everything. If this is true, then when we pray and give praise to the LORD, we are speaking to the One wh...

  • God Saves; Psalms 29-32

    Episode 13

    For Christians, praising God just makes sense. We know that God is good, and we believe that He has saved us from hell. The concept of praise, however, is easily misunderstood by people on the outside. A friend of mine once told me that someone had approached him, knowing
    that he was a Christian,...

  • Hope In God; Psalms 41-44

    Episode 13

    Psalm 42 marks the beginning of book two within the Psalms. It is a song that was written by someone seeking and calling out for God in a time of distress. This author is longing for the LORD, “As the deep pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God” ( PSALM 4 2 : 1 ). It is amazi...

  • God Is Our Refuge; Psalms 45-49

    Episode 15

    God is the definition of strength! He is life. He is the essence of power. That is why it is so important for us to sing and pray Psalm 46, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” ( PSALM 46:1). When we believe that, and live that, then the reality of the LORD our God, Je...

  • David's Thoughts; Psalms 50-54

    Episode 16

    There are some days when it feels like everything we do is too hard and it’s all going in the wrong direction, and there are some people who seem to have a difficult time in life no matter what they do. In this instance, when someone works hard to help his employer, yet is punished for the good h...

  • On Fear; Psalms 55-59

    Episode 17

    Nothing! There is absolutely nothing as desolating and paralyzing as fear. It moves us into areas we would never go, forces our hand to do things we would not normally do. There is nothing quite like the motivating power of fear. Yet Jesus Christ said something very interesting about fear. He sai...

  • How To Get Stronger Daily; Psalms 60-64

    Episode 18

    How can you truly know someone if you don’t spend time with them? The LORD promised us that He would meet with us, if we make the time to get together with Him. For Christians, this time with God is critical for our existence; we daily meet with the LORD, by prayer or by reading His Word, to gain...

  • Fame; Psalms 73-76

    Episode 19

    Today, fame and success seem to be measured by how many people follow you or view your social media posts. But fame is not the true measure of success, and it is very deceptive. Christians are not supposed to seek fame and success, we are supposed to be about being righteous. This is what the LOR...

  • Israel; Psalms77-79

    Episode 20

    This world can be so depressing! Our taxes are spent on things that greave God and violate His morality. There is war, death, suffering. And where there is no war, death, or suffering, we fight over who we should support in their war, death, and suffering. A case in point is the whole
    awful situa...

  • Psalms; 80-84

    Episode 21

    My great friend, Jim Cantelon, often speaks about what God says to us in the Old Testament: “The Bible speaks of justice and righteousness.” He goes on to explain that the LORD is consistent with His call on all our lives, to do justice and righteousness. What happens when we do not pursue these ...

  • Presence of God; Psalms 85-89

    Episode 22

    A lot of people claim to believe in God, or give God credit for working in their lives, but which God are they speaking of? Let’s not trick ourselves into following something or someone who is not really God! It’s important to name Him, the God of creation, the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ! Fro...

  • Under the Shadow; Psalms 90-94

    Episode 23

    Psalm 91 is a great psalm for us to memorize when we find ourselves in times of trouble and difficulty. It was written and recorded in the Bible so that we could remind ourselves of who God is, no matter where we find ourselves. One of my favorite lines is, “He who dwells in the secret place of t...