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  • Doing Good; 2 Samuel 8-12

    "What does it look like to do the good and right thing? That depends on how you define good and right. In our culture, we too often think that what is good and right is determined by our feelings or desires, or by what is practical and pragmatic. When it came to the household of King Saul, David ...

  • The Rebellion Begins; 2 Samuel 13-15

    "David was a good king! But David broke the Law –– he had many sons with many wives. His family ended up becoming a problem that rattled the kingdom of Israel. Absalom, a son of David, killed his half-brother, Amon who raped Absalom's sister, Tamar, also David’s daughter. Why did Absalom do this?...

  • The Sorrow of Victory; 2 Samuel 16-19

    "When a nation wins a war, victory parades cover the streets and celebrations fill the city. But the LORD who is sovereign over the whole earth, over every nation, tribe, and tongue, over every single person who breathes, over life and death itself, does not celebrate the way we do. The LORD cele...