Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

12 Seasons

New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)
  • Ancient Israel; Joshua 1 6 – 1 9

    Episode 1

    "One of the most important aspects of God’s Kingdom is how the LORD calls everyone to be accountable to Him. The Levites were a unique tribe of Israel, set apart by God from the other tribes. They were not given an earthly inheritance, rather theirs was an inheritance in the LORD their God. In ot...

  • Cities to Dwell In; Joshua 20 – 2 4

    Episode 2

    "Caleb was a man who trusted in God. When the 12 spies were commissioned by Moses to go into the Promised Land following Israel’s release from Egypt, it was Caleb who believed the promise of God. Caleb trusted God and His ability rather than fear the difficult circumstance facing Israel. God told...

  • Caleb Is Honoured; Judges 1 – 3

    Episode 3

    "Deborah was an amazing woman. She was a prophetess and the fourth judge of Israel. She was filled with the presence of God, and people gravitated to her because of her Godly council. She reached out to Barak, a head of Israel, and told him that God had chosen him to defeat the armies that had ga...

  • A Victory for Deborah; Judges 4 – 6

    Episode 4

    "One of the most amazing and tragic stories from the book of Judges comes in chapters 13 to
    16. Samson was the only judge in Israel to have had inconceivable strength. However, that
    was not the problem. The difficulty for Samson began with his pride and came to fruition
    when he revealed the secre...

  • The Secret; Judges 14 – 1 7

    Episode 5

    "Faith is often misunderstood when we live in a generation that has rejected or neglected Christ. Many misunderstand the way our faith should be and project their faith onto cultural and political things. Ancient Israel did just that. The Laws of God were not in their heart, they were lost in the...

  • Shaky Faith; Judges 18 – 21

    Episode 6

    "In its ancient context, Ruth is a story of love and devotion. It takes place during the time of the judges, when God selected individuals to lead His people, before Israel set a king over them. It is here that we meet Ruth. She was a Moabite widow who discovered and knew God uniquely. She marrie...

  • Love & Devotion; Ruth 1 – 4

    Episode 7

    "How is God’s will communicated to His people? This remains a big mystery to many people. The answer to that comes when we begin to understand who God’s people are; have they grown, and do they know what the LORD is saying? If not, the will of God will seem alien and
    different to the common solut...

  • God’s Word; 1 Samuel 1 – 4

    Episode 8

    "Governments can be good, and governments can be bad. In the West, we have selected a democracy-style government to try to mitigate corruption. However, even democracies can turn out poorly. The Bible teaches us that the only solution to our human problems come
    from us turning to God. The people ...

  • A King; 1 Samuel 5 – 8

    Episode 9

    "The name Goliath means soothsayer, so this may mean that Goliath was known to speak about the future, or that he had pagan religious ties. Given that Goliath was about 9.5’ – 11’ tall, whatever he said would be hard to question! The key to discovering the nature and attitude of this giant named ...

  • Who Was Goliath?; 1 Samuel 1 7 – 1 9

    Episode 10

    "Most of us believe that when we do someone a favor they owe us one. But life isn’t always like this, and we often must deal with others who do not have good intentions toward us. God desires us to involve Him and His ways into our relationships. We are not to seek revenge for ourselves, remember...

  • A Good Deed Does Not Deserve Another; 1 Samuel 20 – 23

    Episode 11

    "Sometimes we may feel that we cannot do what God has called us to do. We fall into what we think is the ‘next best thing’ or our ‘only option at the time’ and continue on as though we failed or, perhaps, we may feel that we had no choice but to fail. But God knows the future, past and present. H...

  • Accomplishing God’s Goal; 1 Samuel 24 – 28

    Episode 12

    "How do we cheer ourselves up? How do we encourage ourselves? This is a very important question, right now. Suicide statistics are breaching record high levels; many societies are deeply struggling, while others are simply failing. The only way to truly encourage yourself in today’s world is to e...

  • Divinely Encouraged; 1 Samuel 29 – 31

    Episode 13

    "God speaks to families, not just the men, when He communicates His will and ways. As modern people, it seems as though we don’t really understand the depth of how God calls families and establishes His plans through them. The people of Israel were called and identified by their families. In the ...

  • The Death of Saul; 2 Samuel 1 – 3

    Episode 14

    "King David’s family was a mess. David did what other kings did in his time, he had many wives. This was a problem for David, his family, and a big problem for the people. More importantly, it went against the Law of God (DEUTERONOMY 17:17). David had children from different mothers. The idea of ...

  • The Setup; 2 Samuel 13 – 15

    Episode 15

    "Absalom was a handsome man and a good politician. He knew how to manipulate people and situations to make himself king. The reign of Absalom, however, was brief and a major flaw in the life of his father David. David, the rightful king of Israel, had to figure out how to deal with his fallen son...

  • Getting a Grip; 2 Samuel 16 - 19

    Episode 16

    "David’s kingdom was not always peaceful. There were those who hated any authority at all. There were those who openly rebelled against him. One such a rebel was Sheba, a Benjamite, from the tribe of the former King Saul. Sheba was bold to demonstrate his rebellion publicly against King David by ...

  • Trapped Rebellion; 2 Samuel 20 - 22

    Episode 17

    "When we recognize our sinful problem and admit that the only way to solve that problem is through Jesus Christ, we learn that a perfect world is not possible in this time of grace. The LORD Jesus promises us a life in His perfect Kingdom and He helps us become more like Him. That means that we m...

  • The Troubled Kingdom; 2 Samuel 23 - 24

    Episode 18

    "King David was old. He needed help simply to keep warm at night. In his last days, David’s family rebelled and Adonijah, David’s son with Haggith, declared himself king. He orchestrated parties and celebrations in preparation. When Nathan, the prophet of God, learned about what Adonijah was plot...

  • Word on the King; 1 Kings 1 – 3

    Episode 19

    "1 Kings 11:3 gives us important information about King Solomon: “And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines; and his wives turned away his heart.” With all of Solomon’s vast wisdom, his whole life seems to be in direct contradiction to Deuteronomy 17:16-20, God’s go...

  • Enemies Rise; 1 Kings 11 - 13

    Episode 20

    "Fear is a powerful motivator. There are millions of people operating in fear who are making decisions in life that affect how they, and others, see the world. God desires us to make decisions out of faith and not out of fear. This principle is something that the prophet Elijah understood. 1 King...

  • Fear v. Faith; 1 Kings 14 - 17

    Episode 21

    "In 1 Kings 18, Ahab refers to Elijah as the “troubler of Israel”. The story is similar today – God speaks but few people choose to listen. The LORD offers His Word, and through the ebb and flow of our lives He attempts to gain our attention. But the power of God’s Holy Word is critical, and ofte...

  • Troubler of Israel; 1 Kings 18 - 20

    Episode 22

    In 1 Kings 18, Ahab refers to Elijah as the “troubler of Israel”. The story is similar today – God speaks but few people choose to listen. The LORD offers His Word, and through the ebb and flow of our lives He attempts to gain our attention. But the power of God’s Holy Word is critical, and often...

  • Speak the Truth; 1 Kings 21 - 22

    Episode 23

    "Jehoshaphat, the seventh king of Judah, was trying to build peace between the Judean kingdom and Israel. Remember that Rehoboam had split the kingdom of Israel after his father, Solomon, died: Israel to the north and Judah to the south. The events surrounding the split included the northern nati...

  • March, 2022 Bible Discovery Guide: Joshua - 1 Kings

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