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  • God’s Word; 1 Samuel 1 – 4

    "Governments can be good, and governments can be bad. In the West, we have selected a democracy-style government to try to mitigate corruption. However, even democracies can turn out poorly. The Bible teaches us that the only solution to our human problems come
    from us turning to God. The people ...

  • A King; 1 Samuel 5 – 8

    "The name Goliath means soothsayer, so this may mean that Goliath was known to speak about the future, or that he had pagan religious ties. Given that Goliath was about 9.5’ – 11’ tall, whatever he said would be hard to question! The key to discovering the nature and attitude of this giant named ...

  • Who Was Goliath?; 1 Samuel 1 7 – 1 9

    "Most of us believe that when we do someone a favor they owe us one. But life isn’t always like this, and we often must deal with others who do not have good intentions toward us. God desires us to involve Him and His ways into our relationships. We are not to seek revenge for ourselves, remember...